What are your opinion's of Jake? (Spoilers)

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User Info: SSJ_Jin

4 years ago#21
LordShogun_SAS posted...
SSJ_Jin posted...
He's badass. Up there with Leon and Chris. He cleary has that "anime, I'm a badass" attitude, aka Dante and I think it fits him perfect. I have no problem with him being the new generation of RE. Too bad Piers couldn't join him.

I think you just made me hate him. Damn weeaboos.

I had to look up what a weeaboo is. And if you're calling me that just because I used the word "anime" in conjunction with Dante, (which I did because Dante was brought up) then you're sorely mistaken. I'm glad I made you hate him then. Give me more characters.

User Info: Nathbuds123

4 years ago#22
I just love using Jake's melee attacks though especially his leg throw. Punishing J'avo one throw after another.

User Info: Aquamarin

4 years ago#23
Maybe it's just the lousy script. Maybe it's a reference to 90's games/comics dialogue. But just ottomh:

Cherry: "he's trying to mow us down!"
Jake: "yeah thanks, I have ears!"

Cherry: "watch out for his chainsaw!"
Jake: "I know what a chainsaw does!"

Cherry: "this is starting to hurt"
Jake: "next time I'll steal a limo!"

Not getting any popularity votes from me.
I do like his h2h in cqc though.

User Info: Manimal_F0r3v3r

4 years ago#24
He's lame.
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  3. What are your opinion's of Jake? (Spoilers)

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