Working on my own concept for a Resident Evil film reboot screenplay

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User Info: GFqsGangster

4 years ago#1
Doing it just for the fun of it and I wrote this small script for what would be a teaser trailer for my take on a Resident Evil film reboot. Check it out the dialogue maybe kind of eh may need to be better or whatnot but it’s what I gots.

Let me know what you think try to picture it as if you're watching the first teaser trailer for it at the movie theatre or something.

Resident Evil: The Progenitor (Based off Resident Evil Zero)

Teaser Trailer Script (Rough Draft)

Trailer Song: “Rotten Apple” by Alice in Chains

(“Rotten Apple” by Alice in Chains plays)

(Scene opens in an outdoor training field mid-day. We get a close up shot of a young girl in training gear running, her face a bit sweaty and her brown bangs in her face (Rebecca Chambers). She passes over a few more obstacles as we hear a man’s voice yell “C’MON LET’S GO LET’S GO PICK IT UP”)

(Man 2 Voiceover): “Says here that you have an expertise in the fields of science and medicine, honorary graduate of RCU at the young age of 18?”

(Quick shot of Rebecca Chambers back in the field breathing heavily while running and then dropping to do some pushups following her other colleagues almost struggling)

(Man 2 Voiceover): “You could have been on your way to becoming a well-paid doctor or a medical scientist, put all of that knowledge to good use helping to find a cure to a deadly disease or something”

(Shot of Rebecca with goggles and ear muffs on handling a gun and aiming to shoot at moving targets in an indoor shooting range. We see the backs of other people’s shirts that are standing next to her all have the word TRAINEE on them)

(The shot then switches to reveal MAN 2 a middle aged man with short blonde hair and rugged features wearing a white police officer’s uniform shirt (Edward Dewey) sitting behind a desk in an office looking directly at Rebecca Chambers sitting across from him)

Edward Dewey: “Why pursue a career with the police force?”

(Shot of Rebecca Chamber’s face)

(Cut to shot Rebecca with a bullet proof vest running with another officer by her side in the middle of a street carrying a civilian with a bloody arm and other people running in the background)

(Rebecca Chambers’ voiceover): “I do want use my skills to help people and to try and make a difference. I just don’t want to be stuck in some kind lab or something trying to do it”

(Shot of Edward Dewey’s face as Rebecca responds)

(Rebecca Chambers’ voiceover): “I want to be out there, in the field, sir”

(Shot of Rebecca Chambers from behind standing on a hill in the training field looking out at an endless forest and mountain scenery far ahead in mid-day. The screen cuts to black the CAPCOM logo appear fading in and out…)

Edward Dewey voiceover: “Congratulations a spot just opened up and we need you on the team. Welcome to the Special Tactics and Rescue Service…”

(Switch to bird’s eye view shot of Raccoon City in the early morning)

(Fade to shot of Rebecca Chambers in her training clothes entering the main lobby of the Raccoon City Police Department building fade to shot of Rebecca walking towards us through one of the corridors of the building as other R.P.D. officers pass her by)

(Man 3 voice over cuts in): “We have another one…”

User Info: GFqsGangster

4 years ago#2
(Interior shot of a brightly lit morgue as a M.E. moves a body covered with a sheet on a stretcher close to Edward Dewey and another man standing beside him with dark hair and a mustache (Enrico Marini) also wearing the same type of uniform as Edward)

(Fade to a front shot of MAN 3 another older man with dark hair (Police Chief Brian Irons) talking to someone that we can’t see)

(Brian Irons voice over): “This is the 3rd one this month now; the people are becoming afraid and we are nowhere closer to finding out who is killing these people out there”

(Shot switches back to Enrico nodding to the M.E. as she removes the sheet to reveal the battered corpse of a person with exposed organs and many bite marks all over the body Edward Dewey looks away and Enrico makes a grim face)

(Brian Irons voice over cont.): “I need your team ready for immediate dispatch; bring me those murderers dead or alive I don’t care”

(Shot of Enrico Marini in a modified version of his game costume walking towards us in a grey hallway screen fades to black)

(Enrico Marini voiceover): “Raccoon City is calling for action we have some missing victims that we need to find and some sick excuses for human beings to hunt down”

(Shot of Enrico standing in front of the rest of his teammates the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team

(Enrico Marini voiceover): “Let’s get everything ready we’re heading out ASAP”

(Shot of Edward Dewey also in a modified version of his game costume, his back to us he is talking to Enrico in a low voice)

(Edward Dewey): “You saw that mangled body something is not right about all of this. She’s not ready yet she doesn’t have enough field experience this could be a little too extreme for…”

(We see Rebecca walk into the shot up behind Edward as she cuts him off Edward turns around)

(Rebecca Chambers): “For who? I managed to survive 4 years of college I think I can handle myself with you guys”

(Enrico looks down at Rebecca)

(Enrico Marini): “We’re going to be headed deep into those dark woods to deal with serial killers things will more than likely get messy. Are you sure you’re up for it Ms. Chambers?”

(Rebecca Chambers): “I’m your medic you’re going to need me. This is my opportunity to show that I’m not afraid and that I can be good for this team and I’m not about to turn away from it captain, Mr. Dewey sir”

(We see Rebecca looking up at them and Edward and Enrico just turn to look to each other screen cuts to black)

(Fade to black the words THIS FALL appear on the screen)

(Shot of Rebecca Chambers from her side in a modified version of her game costume we see the S.T.A.R.S. logo on her arm sleeve she is carrying a black bag walking up a staircase and onto the roof/helipad of the R.P.D. Headquarters where we see the other S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team members loading things onto the chopper the skies are cloudy)

(Shot of a young man in an orange vest with the words S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team on his back being the last to board the chopper we see Rebecca strapped in her seat. Edward takes one last look out and closes his door on the copilot’s side of the helicopter)

User Info: GFqsGangster

4 years ago#3
(The word WITNESS fades in and out here)

(Quick shot of the interior of the chopper as we get close up shots of all the team members faces Enrico, Forest, Edward, Sullivan and we see Rebecca looking across at Richard Aiken.)

(The words THE TRUTH fades in and out here)

(Cut to shot of the S.T.A.R.S. helicopter flying towards the forest. We see Rebecca looking out her window as they pass over the training field she sees something or someone moving across the empty windy field but we can't make what it is)

(The words BEHIND THE HORROR fade in and out here)

(Bird’s eye shot of the helicopter flying over the Arklay forest. Winds are blowing the trees and suddenly…
Interior shot of the chopper shaking and cut to black)


(Noise of a crash)

(Open to the last shot of the trailer, Rebecca Chambers waking up pretty groggy. It is DARK we are at the scene of a large wreck we see fires around her and we hear nothing but silence and wind gusts. Rebecca is by herself we can see that she is dirty and beat up as she sits up slowly. Some of the audience would think this is the helicopter wreckage but this shot would be taken from the Ecliptic Express train wreck scene)

Rebecca Chambers: “Edward!?”

(Rebecca grabs her radio and pushes a button to speak into it)

Rebecca Chambers: “Ed- (Cutoff suddenly we hear noise of movement from a pile of metal not too far in front of Rebecca)

(Rebecca putts her radio down and slowly moves closer to the pile of metal we see something black, something slimy slide out from underneath and stop we can’t really see what it is. We see Rebecca stare at it quietly opening her eyes more… (Suddenly a quick flash of young James Marcus’ face with long dark hair appears here on the screen) This is set here to make the audience jump and go wtf? Rebecca moves a little bit closer to the black slimy thing and...then we hear a demonic sounding voiceover quickly whisper “Are you afraid of the dead?” the slimy leech creature opens a mouth with small sharp teeth and an eye in the middle of it making a loud screeching noise.

The screen cuts to black to reveal the title….

"everyone's making awful games," - Keiji Inafune (2010 Tokyo Game Show)

User Info: Diablo56789

4 years ago#4
already like it better than the S**** Anderson put up there
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User Info: CTU_007

4 years ago#5
Sorry but if there ever was a movie reboot that would stick closer to the story of the games, I'd prefer they just skipped over Zero and jumped straight to the Mansion incident.

User Info: largerock

4 years ago#6
Diablo56789 posted...
already like it better than the S**** Anderson put up there
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