What's your overall opinion of this game?

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User Info: jasten

4 years ago#31
Finally got it... finally playing through it. And I have no bloody idea why people are ripping into this game. Easily the best RE game since Code Veronica and possibly one of the best period. The mechanics are just simple and fluid... inventory management is quicker, swapping weapons is easy, cover, sliding, shooting, melee... seriously, everything on the gameplay side is BETTER than anything that has come before in the series. Of course, I'm one of those seeming few that doesn't despise QTE's for no good reason either.

As for the story... it's much better than RE4 and RE5 while I'd say about par to Code Veronica which was the best in my opinion. I actually liked the moments throughout the various campaigns. Which ties back into gameplay.... there are things you get to do in this game that are just pure fun.

I don't know.. maybe it's that I expected it to be like RE5 in that it is much better Co-op experience. Or maybe I'm just not as hard headed as some "purists". Been around since day one with this series too so not being a "true" fan isn't going to work. Had to deal with that bull with Hitman as well. This hasn't failed or betrayed the Resident Evil name. Not by a long shot. You want to see a game betray the franchises legacy and have a legitimate reason to whine, go torture yourself on Diablo 3 for a little bit.
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User Info: housedemolisher

4 years ago#32
Hmmm.... I was expecting more people rate this as a crap game. Glad to see people loving it.

I'd give it about a 6.8-7/10. The campaigns are at times messy and repetitive, the graphics are eh, and at times the plot immunity of each main character is ridiculous. But still, Resident Evil's always been the cliche action and story progression, so if you could look past that, then the game wouldn't be too bad.

I do agree Mercs can get quite addicting. I wish, at least, that they added the standard five default maps, instead of making them DLC. They're cheap sure, but them doing this foretells a bad future of an assload of DLC content.
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  3. What's your overall opinion of this game?

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