Is RE6 the worst out of the main games?

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  3. Is RE6 the worst out of the main games?

User Info: xXxAgentAdaxXx

4 years ago#21
Not at all, co-op alone makes it so much fun. RE5 and RE6 are the most fun in the main series.

Worst has got to be either Zero or 3.. Zero was flat-out boring (I still like you, Rebecca and Billy) and 3 was so meh, Nemesis chase scenes aside, of course.
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User Info: DarkD3stiny

4 years ago#22
CTU_007 posted...
Zero is the worst of the main games.

In terms of replay value I agree.
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User Info: sbn4

4 years ago#23
I totally forgot about RE0, but I still don't think its that bad. It looked great, had some cool sequences, and Rebecca's leather costume is probably one of my favorite alternate costumes in the series. Plus it had the only decent ending in the entire series (not including Chris' in RE6). But it definitely lacked replay value.
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User Info: Ct9983

4 years ago#24
I'm not a massive fan of RE6, but it's not my least favorite. Here's my obligatory "most to least" fav list:

REmake - best survival horror game ever made, except maybe Fatal Frame 3
RE2 - Brilliant game hindered only by it's total lack of difficulty
RE3 - I love making my own ammo and the random elements add a ton to replay value
REvelations - hands down best handheld game EVER made. And I like how they melded some classic and new elements into a cohesive game. Definately the future of the series.
RE1/DC/DS - I prefer the DS version, but the classics are classic for a reason
RECV/X - I love playing this one, but the controls always felt too inacurate for me to like it a lot
RE5/Gold - a pretty decent action game that closes up most "important" plot mysteries in the series
RE0 - "Meh" game, but worlds better than newer horror games
RE6 - surprisingly content filled and long ass action game with actually pretty good gameplay, but too many set pieces and rediculous enemies and plot elements to be taken seriously. I take it more like fan fiction than an actual RE.
RE4 - Metal Slug 3D. Run straight, shoot things, repeat. And the same basic plot as Super MArio Brothers 1 (save the princess from the evil king) Fun game, but it's design would have been better in the hands of a chimp with half a brain...

And there you have it.

And before some butthurt friend gets all mad and starts making a case ffor why RE4 is "the bestest gaem thingy EVARR!!!!1!!", I'd like to add that I like it for what it is, enjoy playing it on occasion and don't considder it a bad game by any means. Just a horrible RE that shouldn't have been made (the way it was made). So keep your nintento fanboi rage in check please.

User Info: King_Ludd

4 years ago#25
edward18 posted...
Doesn't get worse than 4.

While I agree that 4 is an abomination, I still think 2 is when things started going downhill, because they introduced full-auto weapons (does not belong in Survival Horror!).

You're still my favorite loyal subject though.
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User Info: edward18

4 years ago#26
How am I your subject and how do you know me?
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User Info: Infectedglore2

4 years ago#27
Jonathan_F_G posted...
Infectedglore2 posted...
3 is. Just an inferior version of 2. Only good thing to come out of that is quick turn and Nemesis (who sucked up room for other bosses). Ah, here comes the flaming Jill fanboys now!

Shut your face....

: )

Its one of the few games ever that completely disappointed me. Defeated it so fast, only one boss (a worm) other than Nemesis when I was waiting for some other bosses, Nemesis' final battle being so anticlimatic and the weakest music in the series. Dodge was broken, the making ammo was weird gimmick that didn't fit with either ammo conserving or abudance of ammo, and basically just a watered down version of RE2 with Jill.

Don't get me wrong though, I love the old games, still trying to speed run Chris hard mode with best ending on REmake, but 3 was just a massive disappointment for me.
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