I noticed fans of Leon, Claire, Jill and Wesker can get along for the most part

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  3. I noticed fans of Leon, Claire, Jill and Wesker can get along for the most part

User Info: Syn_Vengeance

4 years ago#11
Chris is my favorite character and have disliked leon cause of RE4, but i dont start video gane character wars. most of the people on this forum should be to old for that........
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User Info: MissNaye

4 years ago#12
I am a Chris, Wesker, and Piers fangirl. When Chris and Wesker were redesigned for RE5, I was blown away. Leon does have a nice butt though, I will give him that.
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User Info: Plant42

4 years ago#13
Infectedglore2 posted...
longstorm555 posted...
the problem is that most people became leon fans once re4 hit the market. that was aslo when re became EXTREMELY popular what with all the awards it won. younger people got into resident evil by playing re4 first. young boys who saw leon being a badass and thought his one liners were cool at the time. thus, hero worshipping of leon began.

chris fans know him since re1. these people are obviously older.

deny all you want, but the minute a chris vs leon argument breaks out, the first thing leon fans say is:

'chris is boring, leon is cool and funny and badass!!!!!!'

jill fans are not as annoying in the girl department. girls love jill for being a tough woman who took down nemesis on her own. when it comes to her fanboys, though, it's downright horrible. they care more about her mini skirt and ass than anything else.

wesker is on the same line as re4 leon. wesker is badass. wesker wears sunglasses at night, so he's really really cool. fanboys think he's awesome....until they play the original game and see him dying in the most shameful way ever, but they choose to ignore that.

claire fans are not that bad. the problem is that people who ship leon and ada seem to think that everyone who defends claire ships leon and claire thus a fight breaks out. which is funny because leon and fans claim to be so confident in their ship, yet they're so damn insecure. leon and claire fans know it will never happen. they know leon and claire will never become canon. leon and ada fans, on the other hand, see claire as a threat. i've seen this happen here, on tumblr, on facebook, on ither forums. it's always, always the ada fans who start. back when degeneration came out, resident evil forums had topics such as 'who does claire think she is winking at ada's man?' it was funny; they're always childish and will try to prove leon and ada are canon and madly in love and some will try to prove ada is a protagonists and has more canon games therefore she's more important than any other character. like i said, childish.

TC started this topic because he was a Jill fanboy who was angry at me defending Chris believing me to be a Chris fanboy when I was just stating facts.

Now Chris fanboy opinions = Facts

User Info: sbn4

4 years ago#14
I like Chris, Jill, Leon, and Claire. Not a huge fan of Wesker. But I think Jill fans are by far the worst and most persistent. They might have a combined IQ of 5.
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User Info: BasementDude

4 years ago#15
BasementDude posted...
any over zealous fanboy is annoying, end of story
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User Info: sbn4

4 years ago#16
any over zealous fanboy is annoying, end of story

Jill fanboys are greater in numbers and more annoying than most in my book.
"No man should fight any war but his own."

User Info: ragnardemon

4 years ago#17
There are multiple Chris fanboys trying to start stuff in this thread alone!

User Info: CTU_007

4 years ago#18
The Leon fans that came in with RE4 are the worst.

User Info: loverboyyss

4 years ago#19
Leon fanboys are the worst. Go through this board, you'll see the majority of crap that has the versus thing begins with a Leon fanboy trying to prove how much better Leon is at everything. Which he isn't, btw.

I personally think these fanboys are no older than 20 and if they are, I seriously pity them.

Ada fans are a close second.

Do you notice no one who likes Ada think it's possible to like her without pairing her up with Leon? And vice versa? It's shameful. It's like they like her only because she gets Leon, which makes me think of horny teen girls wanting to be as cool and as sexy as Ada and get into the pretty boy's pants, Leon.

AgentAda, an user here, is a good example of that. PERFECT example, actually. She likes to bash Jill and Jill's fans (which are horrible, too) but when someone bashes Ada and Ada fans, she turns into a dragon and tries to eat your head. A little girl, at best, trying to defend her precious favorite character. Can't wait for her to see this and prove my point. *-*

Claire fans also are a whining bunch. The girl's not a fighter anymore, let her story end.

Not even gonna mention Wesker's because dear god almighty. The guy is dead. He was the VILLAIN. He was supposed to die, why are people so surprised? He was also not that great of a villain. Generic since the start. People who claim otherwise are clearly blind with fanboyism which is what makes his fans horrible.

Jill fans are, for the most of it, sexist ass. I bet some good money they spent the majority of their time trying to get a glimpse of her vagina in RE5, then giggled, called their 'bros', they all got together to watch it too and then talk about her and her ass.

Chris fans, look at the irony, seem to be the most normal. Most of the fans I found here were only defending themselves and were provoked first. When some Leon fanboys here noticed Chris fans were upset with the Chris dying rumors before RE6's release, they started trolling this board and obviously, Chris' fans defended themselves.

There are some annoying brats who also start the 'who is better at this, chris or leon?' threads.

I have yet to meet some sane people who enjoy the characters and accept people who don't like their characters and treat the whole thing with maturity because it's a freaking video game and none of them are fictional and if you can't make fun of your favorite character, then you're taking it too seriously.

User Info: loverboyyss

4 years ago#20
*None of them are ~~~real~~ i meant. They are fictional. lol;
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