Who is Chris Redfield's soul mate?

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User Info: jpv2000

4 years ago#141
CTU_007 posted...
No one loves the caramel princess :-(

I do.

I think Chris belongs with Jill, but I loved Sheva, nonetheless. (I also believe Chris hit that while looking for Jill). ;-)
More and more, I find myself wondering if it's all worth fighting for...for a future without fear...yeah, it's worth it. (Chris Redfield)

User Info: melainevalent

4 years ago#142
BlueRamza posted...
Sheva still only has 32 votes.( I'm going to laugh so hard if Capcom makes them hook up in RE7.

Capcom has admitted that the most requested couple to come back in a game are Chris and Jill. They are forever stuck in this friendzone where we do nothing but wonder if they are or aren't an item.

User Info: juggernaut1001

4 years ago#143
AiRo1988 posted...
If I were Chris my soul mate would proborbly be my knife as that beast has saved my skin on many occasions and is always along on every adventure. Think back to RE when Chris started in that mansion alone with his knife, I mean everyone ditched him even his gun. True commitment imo.


User Info: good_tobi

4 years ago#144
lol, more than 1000 votes for this topic.
Don't need sharingan to see this.
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  3. Who is Chris Redfield's soul mate?

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