Favorite characters to use for Mercs

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User Info: jmplayer

4 years ago#1
For me I like to use for both zombie and J'avo maps:

Chris (default)

Piers (costume)

Sherry (default)

Jake (default) (J'avo maps only)


User Info: reww

4 years ago#2
Jake and Sherry. There attacks seem quicker then Leons and I don't care for machine guns with mercs
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User Info: nina_chan

4 years ago#3
Carla and Alt Ada

User Info: Volren617

4 years ago#4
Default Jake
Alt Leon
Default Helena
Alt Sherry

Agent is growing on me, but haven't played him as much.

User Info: Roll_kix_azz

4 years ago#5
Helena EX2 (I got my first 1.3m with her! :)
Sherry EX2
Ada EX1
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User Info: Unfoolish

4 years ago#6
Carla and Default Helena, I love that Picador handgun.

Next, Default Ada and RPD Helena, I love that Ammo Box 50 machinegun.

User Info: probablyidk

4 years ago#7
mine's Helena, love the picador and hydra. carla also because she's a better ada... prefer the gun and grenade launcher to ada's default and alt loadouts.

User Info: brielski2468

4 years ago#8
My top 5:
1. Carla
2. Ada Alt. 2
3. Leon
4. Agent
5. Sherry Alt. 2
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User Info: xESR

4 years ago#9
1. Ada
2. Sherry
3. Helena
4. Leon
5. Carla

User Info: good_tobi

4 years ago#10
Carla. Others just don't work for me.
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