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User Info: DetBeauregard

5 years ago#11
In Chris chapter 2 and Jake chapter 1, you don't have to pull the organ out of the second Ogroman's back for the BSAA to firebomb it. If you hit it with enough firepower, it will eventually die.

@Schillinger - Thanks for that tip! This made No Hope solo MUCH easier!

User Info: Aquamarin

5 years ago#12
Probably well known by now (I also posted this in an older topic too) but during the T-Rex fight in Leon 5, there's an abandoned military vehicle with gatling gun in the back that you can use (just 1 gun). If you're tight on ammo in No Hope, this might provide a means to help you through. (not that you'll make it through the Behemoth and the Fly battle if you're already low on ammo here though...)
Another one, maybe a little less known: In Jake 2, it's possible to destroy the bridge. Before you cross it, if you look the posts, you'll see it's already half broken. Place a bomb here and it'll break completely. Place one here, cross it and detonate. Then you'll find out what that platform near the cave was for.
Oh yeah it's also possible to use the snow mobile to cross the bridge. I only found out recently and always just got off the snow mobile to cross the bridge -_-
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