150 combo tips in Mercenaries

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User Info: CuteKitten

5 years ago#1
Hello. I'm wondering if I could get some tips on how to get 150 combos in the ff. Mercenaries stages. The stages are huge, I find it hard to maintain combos. BTW, I'm doing these in Duo mode since it's more fun that way.

-Steel Beast
-Rail Yard
-High Seas Fortress
-Requiem for War
-Liquid Fire
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User Info: BasementDude

5 years ago#2
spawn memorization and pacing your kills are the most important factors for a 150 combo
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User Info: Animesetsuna

5 years ago#3
^What he said.
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User Info: NorseLeaves

5 years ago#4
I havent played all of the stage u listed so I am just gonna tell you stuff in general as a starter. (I dunno if you already know this, if you do. my apologies.)
make sure one of you guys have Time bonus skill equipped. and that person's job is breaking yellow hourglass while the other person can have limit breaker. other than that, know where all the items and hourglasses are. know what BOWs u are gonna deal with, how you can defeat them and try to finish enemies with melee moves. especially after hitting them with a sliding attack. counter kill gets you 10 sec. melee moves after sliding gives you 7 sec. and plain finish moves gets you 5 sec.

User Info: MonkeyKrazy07

5 years ago#5
..getting the 150 combo isn't the hard part, holding bosses AND getting the full combo is where it gets crazy, but if you're just doing casual runs not caring about the highest score possible, you should be fine, just work out a good strategy with your partner, don't go in random, have everything coordinated and work out your routes =]
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User Info: DarkkefkaFFX

5 years ago#6
for beginners, first you need to use somebody's whose over powered. Alt Sherry is a good idea for Javo Maps.

Keep going when you lose the combo to learn the level. Know when a where monsters spawn is very important.

The next important thing is Melee kills. You'll run out of time if you're trigger happy.....

Learn how to Counter Zombies and Coup de grace Javo.

Start on High Seas for Javo and Mining/Catacombs for zombies.

SAVE URBAN CHAOS AND REQIUEM FOR WAR for last..as they are the hardest to 150 combo.
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User Info: nina_chan

5 years ago#7
Steel Beast - Stay at the middle and top floors up until 50 mark and then make your way down to the bottom floor while eliminating the incoming wave of Napads. Stay at the bottom floor until the 120+ mark, at which point one of you should go to the top floor to anticipate the last wave of enemies that will arrive at the 130 mark. At this point, you're screwed if you're playing with a newbie and he doesn't know that you're supposed to split up. You can save two Napads for the 140's for a bonus and one for the 150th for a huge boss bonus.

Rail Yard - Stay at the platform area up until 50. A good place to camp at is the area between the stairs and the front part of the train with the time bonus on top. Most of the enemies will spawn in the platform area, on top of the train, and inside the train if you stay there. Take the stairs up at 50 and camp out on the mezzanine/middle level until 80. At this point, four machine gun guys will spawn. Do not take them out since they will turn into Strelats, instead run to the top level and kill the rocket launcher guys that spawn on both end of the area overlooking the platform. From here, just stay in the platform area up until the very end of the combo. If you haven't killed the machine gun guys yet, kill them at around 130. By 140, they would all have transformed into Strelats. You can kill all of them except one at any time during the 140's for bonus points. Save the last one for the 150th kill for a huge boss bonus Also, snipers spawn on both ends of the upper level at around the 100 mark, iirc. Just take them out asap so you don't get chain-locked by their shots.

HSF doesn't have too many enemy spawns at the start, but you'll never run out of enemies to continue your combo after the intiial part. It's pretty easy. You should probably split up with your partner for the best area coverage - one on the ground floor, the other in the basement

Requiem of War - get to the second floor of a building whenever an Ogroman appears. One of you should continue the combo by killing J'avos while the other one deals with the Ogroman. It's pretty straightforward and you'll never run out of enemies.

To set-up the more annoying enemies for CDG:

J'avo with claw arm - frontal melee attack > CDG
glowy orange J'avo with scissor head - quick shot > slide into it > CDG
J'avo with armored legs - frontal quick shot > headshot while stunned > CDG
J'avo with grasshopper legs - quick shot > turn around 180 degrees > back melee > CDG *back melee automatically sets-up any enemy for CDG, but is only performed if the enemy is behind you, which is why you need to stun them and turn around before melee-ing them

You can also counter kill J'avos by shooting them a couple of times in the chest before you perform a counter move. Just remember not to shoot too many times or you might end up killing them.

User Info: blueruler

5 years ago#8
^For scissor javo heads wou can walk up to them and shoot the orange part when they're readying their attack for a quick CDG, loved it when i found that out
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