Why do fans say the newer games aren't good Resident Evil games

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User Info: Vegeta1000

4 years ago#1
Why is that? Is it because of no tank controls, pre-rendered backgrounds, slow moving zombies, poor aiming, limited save system, fetch puzzles, tedious backtracking or other survivor horror elements supposedly gone? RE has always been about bio terrorism. The series is called Bio Hazard in Japan. The newer games still have B.O.W.s being used for world domination just like the old games. The stuff I listed above was mostly unintentional and in the games mostly due to hardware limitations. That stuff was getting stale in the games so it was time for a change.

As far as RE no longer being scary, scary is subjective. I never found the old games scary beyond a few jump scares. The scariest RE game was REmake (1st playthrough). Some people actually find RE4 to be scary. The newer games still have horror in it. Horror=/=scary.

How can anyone say RE4 is not a RE game? RE still had a eerie atmosphere (at least until you get to the islands), creepy enemies (Novistadors, Garrodors, Regenators, etc), isolation (Leon is alone for most of the game), fetch puzzles, and backtracking (not as much as the old games though). Having to barricade the windows and doors to prevent enemies from coming in, surviving Verdugo until the elevator shows up, sneaking past Iron Maidens w/ Ashley, running away from a El Gigante, and Ashley playable segment was all survival horror imo. Getting rid of tank controls, slow-moving zombies, and massive fetch puzzles was just a part of the series evolving but the plot has always been the same is it was from day 1. Stop bio terrorism.

User Info: good_tobi

4 years ago#2
stuck in the 90's
Don't need sharingan to see this.

User Info: Vegeta1000

4 years ago#3
I don't like to use the word "nostalgia goggles" but it's mostly this.

User Info: MonkeyKrazy07

4 years ago#4
Resident Evil 4 is a good game, so is 5, I just wouldn't recommended 6, it's ****ing garbage, bland, and dull, lacks any replay value.

I prefer the older games myself, and only played the first three in 2011, so nostalgia is hardly a factor there, I just know quality classics from generic shooters, which is everything 6 aspired to be apparently, even 5 had originality, and elements from the past games.
Resident Evil (Remake) 'n' Haunting Ground are two of the best games ever made by Capcom.

User Info: MakoChanX

4 years ago#5
It's called opinion.
Everyone has one, and everyone sure as hell tries their hardest to push it in people's faces and get it across and make themselves be heard, especially if they don't agree with something.

We all do it, just like you have with your top post TC.

And as soon as you question someones opinion, bet yo' sweet ass they are gonna kick off and defend it, right or wrong.

It's what "makes us human" some say. What I say is it makes us complicated and butt hurting-ly annoying. Stupid humans are never happy.


User Info: PyroSpark

4 years ago#6
good_tobi posted...
stuck in the 90's
rexator-"Make it a money match so that the winner gets to crap in the other's mouth." PSN: PyroSpark7

User Info: boofie

4 years ago#7
good_tobi posted...
stuck in the 90's

Just like the matrix!!

User Info: MisterSpliff

4 years ago#8
i just want to be a more vulnerable character thats actually trying hard to survive. ya know... maybe have to run from some **** instead of just blasting everything and meleeing it. i can understand melee in some situations and think its a good addition, but seriously, i shouldnt be able to just kick a zombie in the face when its reaching towards me. grab my leg and bite me for being stupid?

closest i felt to survival was running away from everything in the snow section in jakes campaign. although that moment was ruined because my co-op buddy wanted to kill everything in sight.
PSN: x-Spliph-x

User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#9
I cannot trap myself from the past and need to move forward. So I will just accept it.
I like Kana Hanazawa so much (@w@)

User Info: tevin1569

4 years ago#10
It matters what you are into and everyone is into something different. I could say RE6 is Resident Evil and one of the best ones and people will say I'm wrong and dumb...it's just something people do.
"How about you come down here and I'll show you"- Ada Wong to Derek Simmons (RE6)
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