Resident Evil ABC's.

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User Info: Ryan-06

5 years ago#61
Move on to Japanese kanas now. alphabet already hit Z.
0=Rei. Pronounced Rei-six. Born New England. Lived in Japan. Citizen of Earth.

User Info: IlDanko

5 years ago#62
Z is for.... .... .... ..... Zimmons!
Time it has come to destroy....Your supremacy
PSN: Dan21993

User Info: hikari198

5 years ago#63
A for AHHHH, Leon help
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User Info: Matty0289

5 years ago#64
Starcraft 2 Character Name- Aqua / Code-140 Playstation3 PSN: Matty0289
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User Info: Animesetsuna

5 years ago#65
C for Claire's body.
I(Setsuna Henry) like Kana Hanazawa and wish to CALL HER EVERYDAY

User Info: MonkeyKrazy07

5 years ago#66
D is for D-cup Helena ^________^;
Resident Evil (Remake) 'n' Haunting Ground are two of the best games ever made by Capcom.

User Info: Neutron15

5 years ago#67
E for Eliminator
The Cycle Of Hatred Can Never Be Broken
Jigoku , Futakomori , Mitsuganae
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User Info: boofie

5 years ago#69
F is for Fog! Bluey purplish fog what turns you into a zombie.

User Info: DrainDeimos

5 years ago#70
Baltimore Orioles: 0-0 | Baltimore Ravens: 13-4
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