Sherry's Stun Rod

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User Info: xokennyxo

4 years ago#1
This has gotta be the coolest weapon for close combat in a game that I've seen.

The problem is...Jake's campaign isn't long enough, and there's so much J'avo at one time that its impossible to use the stun rod.

Well except for that part where you have to use it.

I feel like Ada could have used this, since her campaign has stealth at the beginning, but she has that awesome crossbow.

I just felt like more gameplay should have been added in Jake's campaign.

User Info: AlbertWesker999

4 years ago#2
Quickshot Stun Rod is beastmode.
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User Info: XxAxem_BlackxX

4 years ago#3
I used it a lot in no hope mode to save ammo and when I play as Sherry in Mercs. It's good for enemies that have body armor since it hits through it.
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