Grenade Trick for Ladies (Mercs)

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User Info: DanielSpace79

4 years ago#1
(For those of you not familiar, the Grenade trick is when you set up a CdG, then throw grenade, then activate the CdG- all the kills from the Grenade will be counted as a CdG.)

.I use Chris2 frequently, then my other favorites are Leon and Jake. Yesterday I was on a U/C run with Ada2 and tried to set up the CdG trick, but I find it really hard for ladies because I almost always use the contextless melee (back elbow) to set up CdGs

I know an alternate way to do CdG set up is quick shot > slide, but where I'm wondering if anyone else has a better solution is against the swarm of firefighters that come up at 85 in U/C. I almost always let 5-7 spawn, and will just back-elbow, grenade toss, CdG for an immediate 28-35 second bonus, but can't seem to get it with the ladies since their back melee just floors the opponent and the QS > Slide didn't really work since they are mobbing around you and you'll target the one closest to you, then trying to angle the slide just kept failing. Twice she quick shotted a zombie that was holding a weapon, so I couldn't even do the CdG and just killed 5 firemen with a grenade for 'free'.

I saw one guy using Helena that held a bloodshot and let him carry to the fireman swarm, he used an Acid Round to bring him to CdG and did it that way- does anyone else have any easy tips or tricks? Or is not even worth it due to how aggressive this swarm is?
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User Info: Hayato182006

4 years ago#2
For firefighter zombies, you can shoot their arms so it stuns them and then slide into them for a CDG. Leg shots work, too, but there's the chance that they might fall to the ground.
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