Why do people have low opinions of the RE Movies?

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  3. Why do people have low opinions of the RE Movies?

User Info: Nathbuds123

5 years ago#1
I've seen every movie except the 3rd one and I'm just curious to know why people don't like them. Is it because there is too music action and not enough horror? I would say that the later movies have more action than RE 5 and 6 combined.

User Info: edward18

5 years ago#2
Doesn't follow the story of the games at all, has Alice steal all the parts that should be given to the main characters, is even more rediculously action-packed than the modern games, and the story of the movies don't make any damn sense.
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User Info: Phaild

5 years ago#3
Because they are bad movies.

The action is bad
The characters are bad
The script is bad

Need anything else?
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User Info: tekknopirate985

5 years ago#4
There crappy movies that have become nothing more then over the top action movies with no thought put into the story. The first 2 maybe 3 movies was decent enough to watch. But im not complaining to much the games havent been to good lately either.
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User Info: BushidoEffect3

5 years ago#5
Phaild posted...
Because they are bad movies.
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User Info: Crimson_Rex

5 years ago#6
Because they don't follow the same RE storyline, the movies are fair.
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User Info: dragonstar13

5 years ago#7
The movie just doesn't interest me, even as an adaptation of a series I like. The 1st movie was fine, but then it turned too much like a fanfic starring Alice. Movies with bad scripts and poor action sequences I'm used to. Mutant superhero fighting zombies, yeah looks good on paper but got really boring quick for me.
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User Info: MonkeyKrazy07

5 years ago#8
Alice is overrated, but it's true the franchise wouldn't be as popular without the movies..even if they are a disgrace to the series. -_-;
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User Info: Animesetsuna

5 years ago#9
Man, supernatural human being...
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User Info: Maelstrom12

5 years ago#10
Have you ever seen a scy fy movie?Imagine if those guys had access to a bigger budget and a..... 'better' cast.

Alice is the John Cena of Resident Evil to me.
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  3. Why do people have low opinions of the RE Movies?

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