Why do people have low opinions of the RE Movies?

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User Info: Degalon

4 years ago#71
edward18 posted...
1) Lisa Trevor. There's no reason to think that she's dead, when nothing else worked, and she was at the front hallway of the residence, aka, the outer perimeter.

The reason she'd be dead is because THE ****ING FACILITY BLEW UP ON HER! If that wouldn't have killed her, Raccoon City's bombing sure as hell would've. Gs can be killed, just takes a TON of concentrated force.

2) Wesker. All of it. Pretty much everything involving wesker is a massive plot hole.

...how? It was shown and explained how he came back later on.

3) How in the hell are things not like the Apocalypse and Extinction movies by now?

Cause the games don't do things that stupidly? It shows that governments actually have some common sense on handling the situation like they likely would in real life if that happened.

These are VIRAL OUTBREAKS we are talking about. It spreads by biting, and there's cannibalistic crows, dogs, rats, zombies and various other animals wandering around out there that would/should be spreading the viruses.

And the military has blockades, soldiers, firefighters and police are still patrolling the hellish setting as best as possible, and they bomb the place before it gets that bad.

4) At least the movies brought up and fixed the plot hole of Raccoon City being nuked. Even back when it happened in the games, all I could think of was "how is this not just going to make everything WORSE?" Lo and behold, the movies went the logical route, and, they did. MUCH worse.

...how the hell would DESTROYING THE POINT OF INFECTION make it worse instead of keeping it from spreading? You know what a nuclear bomb does right? People literally become shadows from it.

1) Except that she isn't just a G. She is the primordial soup of ALL the viruses that literally nothing could kill (i'm pretty sure Umbrella tried blowing her up at some point). And the FACILITY blew up, but not the entire estate. She was no longer IN the facility, but on the outer edges of the estate. As in, not a concentrated force by that point. As for nuking the city...she's not in the city, shes way up in the mountains outside of racoon city.

2) Its only vaguely handwaved as "he was genetically engineered". Then there's the fact that..well..why did he need to DIE for his variant to work? If he DIED, then he should just be another monster, mindless. Things like the TVeronica, G, and C Virus all do similar effects without killing the host first. But a dead host should just create something like a tyrant. (Which it did, albeit only right before he died the second time.) Then there's the whole Nightcrawler bamfing BS...not to mention when he was revived, he should of had a gaping hole in his torso from the Tyrant impaling him...

3) I'm pretty sure the military can't effectively police roaches, rats, and birds, to be honest. Not to mention, as the movie pointed out...nuking the city would do nothing except SPREAD the virus by way of the explosion launching it into the air where it can spread even faster. And this isn't even counting the fact that several of the mutated creatures would be able to survive the blast, either by nature of the creature (roaches, etc), or location (deep in the subway tunnels and facilities), and it's a pretty safe bet that several of the zombies wandered out of the city limits by this point in time, either by turning into a zombie after escaping, or just shambling on their own after being turned.

All a nuke would do is kill SOME Of the infected. A temporary solution, if it doesn't somehow make things even worse. Which it did in the movies.
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User Info: megaretro

4 years ago#72
because generally they suck
the first one was "great"
the second one had nemesis and still had some story
the third instalment they lost the resi storyline came up with their own (superpowers wtf?)
after that they ditched any story and only tried to throw in stuff you would recognize from the games.
they took the games put them in a blender put it on added (cant really call em zombies anymore ) undead threw some random resi characters against the wall and looked what characters sticked

and there is you recipe for the resi movies!

User Info: Degalon

4 years ago#73
Ran out of text in the last post, but I have a last note.

One of the biggest plot holes in the first place.

Weskers custom tailored virus. The one that revived him. its make teleporting superhumans that retain full intellect, with the only "apparent" drawback being the need to take a medicine on a regular basis to mediate its effects.

Birkin made this virus. For Wesker.

Well wheres the rest? Seriously hard to believe he'd just make ONE for just wesker.

Even if, there'd be notes, and samples, and whatnot back in Birkins labs, easy enough to recreate, especially as its very likely that Wesker would have already known a little about it, with him being Birkin's partner.

This is effectively the ultimate virus, and it was perfected before the very first game? So then what was all the hooplah after, about trying to perfect BOWs? You already did! And it was Weskers goal in the first place; Make the world into ultimate people. Which he already has the means to do.

So the entire rest of the series becomes me looking at it going "but....you already accomplished this..."
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User Info: UltimateGeth39

4 years ago#74
Im a little rusty with my RE facts but wesker was experimmented on as a child by Spencer and its for that reason that wesker doesnt become a monster if I recall.

And weskers virus to change the world (uroborous) had almost a 0% chance of actually working on anybody but him and wesker either did'nt know or did'nt care.

User Info: DreamCast_Rocks

4 years ago#75
I think Paul Anderson is the best director when it comes to films based on games. The first RE movie was great, other directors ruined the 2nd & 3rd, and when Anderson came back, he just had to deal with all the mess they created and did it quite well. He also directed the first Mortal Kombat movie which I personally consider the best game adaptation (as well as one of the greatest soundtracks). I wish they reboot the series (lose Alice obviously) and do a nice backstory like the first one with Paul Anderson directing it.

User Info: Heat_Phins_Fan

4 years ago#76
From what I have seen RE fans just like to complain about anything and everything. I started with RE2 as a kid and I Jane loved the games and movies new and old
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User Info: retep_one

4 years ago#77
bec it's all about Alice. it isnt even Resident evil and the movies are crap
i think it is just using the resident evil name to sell some...
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User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#78
Just don't like his movie. End of Story.
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User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#79
Phaild posted...
Because they are bad movies.

The action is bad
The characters are bad
The script is bad

Need anything else?

So, just like the games then?
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User Info: Newave

4 years ago#80
I was unaware that there existed such things. I have seen cigarette commercials titled Resident Evil that lasted for like two hours each but never any actual Resident Evil movies that had anything Resident Evil in them, just cigarette commercials with smoking, lots and lots of smoking.

It was almost as bad as the interactive smoking commercial I got to try on 360 once, I think it was called Strangehold, probably because of what it feels like when someone is smoking in the general vicinity, like you're in a strangehold desperately gasping for air.

Unless you're talking about the awesome intro movie to the original RE on PlayStation, that one's awesome, it's like pure cheesy horror goodness.
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