This is what you get for completing the game on No Hope

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User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#41
skermac posted...
Animesetsuna posted...
I got all S rank of all difficulties. Guess I've got nothing to do with this game anymore except Agent Hunt and Map Pack B.

And all the new dlc in the months to come.

You mean that 3 modes? I have a feeling that it will turn into permanent exclusive DLC for Xbox 360.
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User Info: Schillinger

4 years ago#42
I don't really mind that there aren't extra trophies but they really should have added 5 Star versions of other tags, for example "Getting Good Grades" (all S ranks) and "Respect the Skills" (complete every chapter without dying).
No Hope is hard, but anyone can beat it if they persevere. Yet the guy who dies 20 times and takes 3 hours per chapter has a 4 Star Dare to Hope, as does the guy who S ranks all chapters.
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User Info: MissNaye

4 years ago#43
I like playing on "No Hope" since it gives me something else to do in the game. I already got the Platinum for the game, so the only thing left that I really want to do is get 100% completion. I did finish "No Hope" and it was fun (and frustrating at times).
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User Info: Koolnerd12

4 years ago#44
everybody on this board has platinum... Must have a way to show my superiority in this game compared to others hmmm

User Info: Musambani

4 years ago#45
skermac posted...
Crimson_Rex posted...
skermac posted...
Yeah, a Dog Tag isn't much. They should have gave us another costume or weapon, something like the chicago typewriter or infinite rocket launcher would have been cool. Or even one free dlc map, anything except just a Dog Tag. But it's still a good feeling of accomplishment.

AI partners don't really help that much on most levels. When I gave the command to attack they would say "can't right now" even if they were standing next to me doing nothing. Same when they were in the way and I issued the "wait" command. Most of the time they said they were busy. The commands are laughable. But sometimes they did kill a couple enemies. They can clear out a room for you if you can hide long enough in a corner. That is where AI is good.

I feel no motivation of playing No Hope, it's just 'there'.

I did it for the challenge.

Dying in one hit is a real challenge, yep. There is no challenge, it's just one extreme that doesn't even work and even takes away aspects of the game you're raised with
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  3. This is what you get for completing the game on No Hope

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