Do you think Piers...-spoilers-

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User Info: longstorm555

4 years ago#11
the only reason piers managed to survive that long while transformed is but one:

plot armor.

he had to make it to the end, didn't he? he had to sacrifice himself and have that scene where we see him giving up living in his own eyes and rips our hearts out.

so. plot.

but by the time he's next to the escape pod, his arm is twitching madly and acting out. he's losing control. he knows this.

so no, even if he had managed to escape, he would have mutated more and more, porbably even killed chris in that pod, not to mentio haos would have won since there was no one to kill it with one final blast from his mutated arm.

User Info: Xerapher

4 years ago#12
So having a mutated arm makes Piers' a Cole wannabe?
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User Info: kakarotozero

4 years ago#13

in the end he will succumb to the virus

only wesker and jake can overcome the virus

User Info: hehe101

4 years ago#14
i wanna marry him

User Info: shagohad3

4 years ago#15
There was Alexia but that took over ten years to work.
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  3. Do you think Piers...-spoilers-

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