which attacks cann't you counter in this game?

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  3. which attacks cann't you counter in this game?

User Info: ReceiverxWisdom

4 years ago#11
^ That lurch doesn't have a swoop. I'm positive, Daniel. There's been repeated times where I always got into a struggle when that animation occurred & R1 was the only way out after the analog dogfight ends. If it can be countered, I surely haven't been super bold to try directionally waiting before I could do so. Even the napad rush makes me skeptical to counter. I just hate getting hit when I obviously prep up for a dodge, hah.
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User Info: YermomHoudini

4 years ago#12
man, someone should make a video covering all of the enemy attacks in this game and put up the counter information about them. text just isn't enough
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User Info: MissNaye

4 years ago#13
Can you counter J'avo's who use the stun baton? I have not been able to do that at all.
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User Info: wowitsyugi

4 years ago#14
DanielSpace79 posted...
Is it the same as the punch? (With the character doing the sweep to bring down to CdG) Or am I imaging things again and it's the grab attack I'm thinking of.

Yes, it is. It's the same animation as the Whopper punch counter. In fact, Capcom reuses counter animations for a bunch of attacks. For example, the Whopper counter is the same as the (Neo) Javo's dash attack, Glava-Smech's rush (pincher heads), and gun Noga-Oklop's kick (Javo with mutated legs carrying any type of gun - only seen in Rail Yard).

As for Catacombs zombies, that "swoop" attack can be countered, but it's not the same as the sleepwalk that the zombies like to do on that map (which can't be countered). It's really hard to distinguish the two though.

User Info: YermomHoudini

4 years ago#15
damn it I still can't counter bloodshot standing attacks.
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  3. which attacks cann't you counter in this game?

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