Do you still see the original four as the only main characters still?

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  3. Do you still see the original four as the only main characters still?

User Info: xokennyxo

4 years ago#21
For me, it depends.

Yes, Leon, Chris, Jill, and Claire are the ones who really got the series going and became lovable.

Are they main characters? No, they're series regulars, the main characters would depend on the current storyline in a game.

They're the most popular characters thoughout the series and Capcom is going to continue them to carry the series, but that doesn't change the fact that they are getting older and more likely to retire from killing zombies and whatnot.

I believe this is why they brought in young characters such as Sherry, Jake, Helena, Ashley, and etc. They did to eventually build up some of their character development, so that one day, they could replace the old, yet awesome cast.

Prime example of this is Sherry. She started out very young in RE2 while Claire and Leon are in their early 20's, and now she's all grown up in RE6. She already has development with Jake and is mostly likely going to show up again.

As for Sheva, Helena, and other "partners". They may look like throw away characters, but they served a purpose on the game they played, and could show up again with their respective teammate. If anything, Chris knows when to call Sheva for help and Helena is mostly likely going to be with Leon from now on.

So no, I don't really think that they've the main characters. They're very awesome regulars.

User Info: CTU_007

4 years ago#22
Main protagonists - Chris, Jill, Leon, Claire

Main characters - Chris, Jill, Leon, Claire, Wesker and Ada

For me the main characters are the ones that carry the franchise as a whole. Characters like Rebecca, Billy, Piers and Sheva don't really count as mains because despite having a lead role in a game, they're insignificant to the overall series.

Capcom definitely look to be setting Jake and Sherry as mainstays though.

User Info: OverCasanova

4 years ago#23
"The player has to like the character. The have to be able to relate to them and care when something happens to the character.

The main character is also the one that holds everything together. The plot revolves around them and what happens to them. Everyone else is a secondary character. Without the main character the story makes no sense. Think of Harry Potter without Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia without Aslan etc."

Almost veryone is a main character if you can relate to them in some way. If most people say they can't relate to Irving from RE5 then obvs he's not a main. (No sh**, right?) but you'll get tons of people rooting for Claire, Wesker, Ada, Chris, Leon, Jill, Barry, Becca, Jake, Sheva, Sherry, Piers, Billy, Helena.

The people I consider to be not main in the main games are people like Ashley, Steve, and Carlos. The reason is, because they are just supporting characters and did not really impact any players or change anyones, whereas all the other characters listed above have impacted people in ways to the point where they are always arguing and standing up for them. The characters have all changed throughout the storylines in some way or another and we can all feel empathy/sympathy for them. That's what makes a main character.

Or you can just go with, it's a video game who the fu** cares! :)

User Info: SolidStryder

4 years ago#24
Spider5800 posted...
DarkD3stiny posted...
So a character who is alive carried the franchise and is more important than Wesker? besides you have no proof hes dead anyway. Wesker is a main re character. Leaving Wesker out is like leaving a banana out and just giving you the banana skin. Even if he has died whys he less important than Claire to re? he did more than she did. Take Claire out of re and re can deal with it but take Wesker out of re and it falls apart.

LOL, is this a joke post?

1. Wesker is dead. Deal with it.

2. RE2 and RE3 did just fine without Wesker when everyone thought he was already dead, and honestly RE4 would have worked fine even if they hadn't thrown him in at the last second. The series doesn't NEED him, and arguably doesn't need ANY single character to work.

This is the primary reason I wouldn't count Wesker as one of the main characters, and I love Wesker. But we basically believed tyrant ended him until CV, so we move on from the mansion incident to two completely new characters, one being Chris' sister, to Jills escape, then back to Claire. Find out Weskers still alive and Chris returns, we move over to Leon, Ada plays a supporting role again in her return, then back to Chris, Jill, and Wesker until facerockets.

I can see Helena going the way of Sheva/Rebecca/Barry/Carlos/etc, she's a supporting character given to Leon because he otherwise had no chance against that boulder in chapter 3. Jake I've got a feeling is going to be shoved down our throats because of Wesker, Maybe Alex will find a reason to kill him in the opening scene of RE7. Rebecca got her own game and I'd love to see her back, but 0 took place before the events that started the series, and she's been MIA since. The original game is still what comes to mind when I think Rebecca, then her shenanigans in 0. The main series has pretty much alternated between those four characters. 4 for Chris, 3 for Leon, 3 for Jill, 2 for Claire. Other characters are usually one and done or don't get nearly the amount of time as the other characters.

User Info: good_tobi

4 years ago#25
ManuMIAS posted...
the main characters are the guys Leon, Chris and maybe Jake, for females is Jill and Ada... Claire its just fanbase thats why she was in Degeneration, Darkside, Mercenaries 3D, Afterlife and RE:ORC.

Don't need sharingan to see this.

User Info: BIack_Dynamite

4 years ago#26
Main protagonists of series in general - Chris, Jill, Leon, Claire, in that order

Main antagonists - Wesker

Key characters (could be called "main characters" as they essential to the stories) - Ada, Sherry, Jake, Spencer.

Main protagonists but not representing the series (these are either one-timer protagonists, second place to a main protagonist in their game, or a situation has promoted them from "side character" - Rebecca, Billy, Jake, Sherry, Ada, Parker

User Info: DetBeauregard

4 years ago#27
I've always seen Chris, Jill, Leon, and Claire as the main characters of the series, even if Capcom has unfortunately used Claire very sparingly as of late. I guess Ada could be thrown in there, too, as well as Wesker (even though he's dead). I absolutely do NOT want to add Jake to this list; he is obnoxious and generic.

User Info: Degalon

4 years ago#28
Now that I think about it, I can't really count Claire as one of the 'main characters" anymore. She was in 2 and CV purely to find Chris, after that...she was outta there. We had Chris back, so I guess they felt no need for the "lesser" Redfield sibling.
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User Info: BlueRamza

4 years ago#29
I don't think Helena and Sheva are throw away characters, they'll be back as long as Capcom doesn't reset the story.
Snake: There's no happiness found in death, no peace either; I'm leaving here alive, because a strong man doesn't need to read the future, he makes his own.

User Info: Jonathan_F_G

4 years ago#30
Chris Redfield is the one and only true hero in the fight against bio-organic warfare, in this entire series.

Even Biohazard 6 is proof of this!

Hell, Piers is more of a Resident Evil hero than Leon!
".... For I AM "the Dragon", Dracul! I AM "the Prince of Darkness"! THAT!... Is MY vengeance!" - Gabriel Belmont/Dracul
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  3. Do you still see the original four as the only main characters still?

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