I seriously need some help here. (Chris Campaign, mission 5)

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  3. I seriously need some help here. (Chris Campaign, mission 5)

User Info: Kingdom Dragon

Kingdom Dragon
4 years ago#1
I'm at the end when you get to escape from Haos and... I keep dying. I'm playing as Piers, running up the stairs, dashing through the platforms (I never take my finger from x, except on the bit where you get to help Chris climb up) and I die always at the same spot, a couple platforms ahead from the one you have to slide through.

I'm not sure if I'm sliding through early/late because Piers always stops a couple seconds. But ugh. I've died at least 10 times always on the same spot, it's super frustrating.

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User Info: IlDanko

4 years ago#2
Don't get to far away from chris.. Both need to stay at a certain distance for not to die
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User Info: xokennyxo

4 years ago#3
Try to keep up with your partner, because they're usually in the right distance and even try getting ahead of them.

The sliding part is what got me EVERYTIME, I didn't slide fast enough or got up fast enough.

Don't worry, when I first played that but, I died like a good 7 times before completing it.

User Info: Afarique

4 years ago#4
Are you holding the slide button? Don't. When you do you crawl. You literally need to just TAP the trigger and your character will pop back up. Other than that just keep up with your AI partner. Simple.
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User Info: celljr89

4 years ago#5
The slide is a killer, if it's not perfectly executed you have no chance of surviving. You have to hold the button long enough to go all the way through the crawl space, but also not too long so you don't stay on your back and start crawling.
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  3. I seriously need some help here. (Chris Campaign, mission 5)

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