The monsters got too abstract... Am I the only one? *spoilers*

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  3. The monsters got too abstract... Am I the only one? *spoilers*

User Info: ShinWesker

4 years ago#1
The Monsters and Bosses are too abstract and weird - Results (64 votes)
46.88% (30 votes)
32.81% (21 votes)
I don't care
20.31% (13 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I think most monsters and bosses just look ridiculous and not scary at all.

Derek looks terrible as a fly and a T-Rex.

HAOS looks just plain weird.

Ustanak was "OK"...

Keep the design simple folks. Tyrant from RE1 is still the best IMO.
Shadows of the Damned is an awesome game.

User Info: xokennyxo

4 years ago#2
I think monsters in RE aren't really scary anymore. We're sort of used to the weird-looking bosses and creatures.

Unless its a Regenerator.

User Info: zombiabsol

4 years ago#3
my favorites are the iron maiden, rasklapanje, nemesis, c-virus zombies and ustanak
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User Info: IlDanko

4 years ago#4
I want to fight tyrants, nemesis, birkin-like creatures, lickers, duvalias and gorey creatures... Not glowing worms, not tigers, not t-rexes, no flies..... AND NO GIGANTIC SQUIDWARDS!!!
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User Info: tevin1569

4 years ago#5
I think they're the coolest in the series.
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User Info: jpv2000

4 years ago#6
I love 'em all.
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User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

4 years ago#7
Napad are stupid Rock Gorillas, and Gnezdo just makes no sense. I'm a queen fly that has flies that shape a human. No thanks...

J'avo are so crappy it's not funny. They all become insect based and some are just ridiculous.

User Info: MonkeyKrazy07

4 years ago#8
I don't know, I liked Shriekers, and the derpy laugh they make =P
Whoppers are funny too XD
Resident Evil (Remake) 'n' Haunting Ground are two of the best games ever made by Capcom.

User Info: DetBeauregard

4 years ago#9
Agreed. There's only a few I like, and most are so absurd that they're not frightening in the least bit (looking at you, Simmons).

- Most of the J'avo were interesting to me. Perhaps not so much their morphology, but rather their unpredictability when mutating. The spider ones were awesome, and I liked all of the arm mutations. The head ones were all pretty silly; bee shoulders and earwig man come to mind. The flying one was cool, as was the armored leg one. Loved the exploding ones, too. The hands down stupidest, though, has to be the grasshopper / ostrich ones.

- I liked the concept of the Chrysalids.

- Napads were great, even if they do rip off of Dead Space. Strelats have interesting attack patterns, but remind me too much of a dinosaur to be in RE (though they're no T-Rex Simmons). Mesets were underused and cool. Gnezdo, as someone mentioned before, make no sense.

- Lepo has to be the most frightening design in the game. The way its human skull head splits open reminds me of the Chimeras from remake mixed with Necromorphs. Its noises are creepy, and the fact that it can permanently rob someone of their humanity in just a few seconds with a rapidly-dispersing gas is psychologically eerie. And the way it waddles around...

- Iluzija would have been great if it looked like an actual snake, but instead its head and mouth resemble something from Donkey Kong Country. Yawn was far superior. Still, its invisibility was cool.

- Ubistvo is filler, and a great example of RE ripping off of itself for the fourth time now. Chainsaw-based enemies only made sense in RE4, considering that chainsaws are tools that would have made sense in the rural, isolated woods of Spain. They don't make sense in Africa or as part of the freaking organism itself...

- Rasklapanje are just ripoffs of the much superior Regenerators. Not a fan, especially of how they can't be killed during gameplay.

- Ustanak is no Nemesis, but he's one of the better enemy designs in the game. The ever-changing arm thing was kind of cheesy, but a neat concept.

- Haos was frightening to me. The way it held Chris in its hand and studied him was unsettling, as was the way it squirmed around in the puddles of water. It's a complete Mother Brain ripoff, though. Hell, a lot of the enemies in this game are ripoffs of other games...

- I couldn't take most of the zombie enemies seriously. Zombies shouldn't have guns or use tools. The Bloodshots were the only interesting ones. Zombie Dogs looked just like Adjule from 5, and it's obvious Capcom just recycled the model instead of creating Doberman ones. Whoppers were just a L4D ripoff, which is amusing considering how much L4D ripped off of classic RE monsters.

- Brzak was pointless and did not fit in the game whatsoever, just like all of Leon's third chapter. In the same vein as Iluzjia, a new shark-based BOW would have been interesting if it didn't look like it came straight out of DKC or Yoshi's Island.

- The Ogromans were obviously built on the wire frame of El Gigante (as if Capcom thought we wouldn't notice), but I liked them far more. Their faces are much more savage, and they lack the cave troll-ness of the Gigantes.

- Don't get me started on Simmons...

User Info: Dicer7

4 years ago#10
I just really disliked the C-virus zombies. I never thought Capcom would follow the trend of zombie "classes" that games seem to like using now. Just bring back the classic zombies. No Shrieker or Whopper nonsense.

One enemy I would praise is Haos. I thought it was designed pretty well. Ogroman and Illuzija were decent, too.
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  3. The monsters got too abstract... Am I the only one? *spoilers*

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