Resident Evil 6 artworks (Leon and Ada's costumes)

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User Info: YunFang1130

4 years ago#1

Credit: kafka000

Pretty upset that none of these made it in the game. I love looking at official artwork, but at the same it sucks to see what we missed out on. The artbook should be released today.

User Info: zombiabsol

4 years ago#2
love leons cop outfit and ada with her red dress...without the butterflies
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User Info: MonkeyKrazy07

4 years ago#3
ROFL @ Merchant on Leon's back XDDD

sexy witch Ada O______O;;
Resident Evil (Remake) 'n' Haunting Ground are two of the best games ever made by Capcom.

User Info: YunFang1130

4 years ago#4
Waiting to see what Piers' costumes looked like X3. I bet that one of them would've been an outfit related to Chris. I love Ada's clothes too and it was pretty neat to see Leon in his RE4 gear again. WTF! Why wasn't any of this in the game? XO

User Info: NorseLeaves

4 years ago#5
My goodness, Capcom look at all thos costumes that could used in campaign mode. Shame, Shame, Shame on you.
Capcom might have some extra costumes other than ex1,2,3 for merc mode...since it has been only 3-4 months from its release date. its still too early to say we are not gonna have any more extra costumes at this stage. and plus it is my wish to see more. +_+

User Info: Syn_Vengeance

4 years ago#6
every costume in there is better then the crappy ones we actually got, so sad looking at those pictures.

For shame capcom :(
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User Info: Reflare

4 years ago#7
Merchant backpack as DLC!!
Please Capcom, I beg you!
The Muse and the Painter

User Info: Miku_369

4 years ago#8
Bondage Leon FTW!
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User Info: IlDanko

4 years ago#9
Lol at Midnight Leon and merchant bagback xD... And ada's blue dress *.*
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User Info: Mister_Zurkon

4 years ago#10
That merchant backpack is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen...

And that Doctrine Dark Leon outfit is rad too.
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