Siege mode gameplay

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User Info: zombiabsol

4 years ago#11
i believe entirely that if it were not for crappy servers, this games online would be booming.

alot of people play mercs, i highly doubt no other players are playing the same time as me , especialy when i JUST searched for my friends PUBLIC game, but get no results..
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User Info: therapgamedude

4 years ago#12
Besides Merc, this looks really fun. The other DLC EC modes look a bit repetitive.
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User Info: gmoshier

4 years ago#13
This mode looks awesome! I'll be buying the predator and siege modes, but I'll pass on survivor and onslaught. I'm still busy with 2 other games but I'll finish at least 1 of them soon, which will give me some space and time to return to RE 6 and resharpen my skills! So map pack B and these new modes minus siege come out in February? I guess we don't have any dates yet either?
I am currently playing DMC & ME 2. RER is coming to the PS3!

User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#14
So the Agent in the video looks like Marco.
Setsuna Henry likes Kana Hanazawa and wish to CALL HER EVERYDAY
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