Why does this game have so many d***heads?

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User Info: Schillinger

4 years ago#21
D_Lewis21 posted...
Left me with no choice, but to switch off the console and lose all of my progress thus far.

You do know you could've just unplugged your ethernet cable and the stage would have continued in solo mode right? Or if you were wireless (and why the hell were you) just press the PS button and log out of PSN.

Excluding speedruns, I've hosted online a total of 5 times and regretted each and every one of them. Babysitting idiots who can't run past a "group" (i.e. 2+) of enemies without losing half their health. Hanging around unnecessarily, not skipping cutscenes, deliberately trying to get me killed... Nah. Solo only.
I will join other people's games from time to time just to help out but I find myself regretting that too, for all I usually get out of it is a deduction of herbs/sprays by the end!
I'm just thankful that Pro/No Hope is easier than RE5 Pro because I would never have gotten the platinum otherwise!

Agent Hunt's a good way to vent frustrations. Especially if you quit out of a game with an idiot, start searching straight away, get lucky and rejoin as a creature! Revenge is a dish best served via a machete to the genitals, or something along those lines.
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User Info: SamA7X

4 years ago#22
This reminds of RE5, I had alot of games were a random would join and then shoot me with a rocket and then taunt me while I was dying. I've only had a couple of incidents like that with RE6
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

4 years ago#23
D_Lewis21 posted...
Just had to turn off my PS3 because of some a****** who joined the lobby and started spamming me with the magnum. Had both attack reaction and infinite ammo on and he wouldn't let me get up, just kept on shooting me down. Thew few times I managed to escape I pressed select to exit, but he kept on shooting me out of it. Left me with no choice, but to switch off the console and lose all of my progress thus far.

Two days ago some guy joined in as Piers and took me out with two acid rounds. He first put me into dying status and then finished me. It was deliberate as he had just joined, no enemy in sight and he was standing in front of me whilst I was dying and then shot another one right at me. I lost out on my S rank as it was one deaths too many and had to repeat the chapter.

Earlier today there was another ass wipe who wouldn't kill anyone and would just slowly walk all the way down. Whenever I called him he would stop and say "I'm on it" wasting more time. There was actually a similar guy last week. He joined just before I left the snowy mountain area in Jake's chapter 2 and wouldn't come to the gate. He just stood a bit away from me and whenever I called him he used Jake's "No" command. Other than that he just stood there doing nothing. Had to quit again.

Where has this sudden influx of morons come from?

Turn off attack reaction and they cant shoot you, problem solved for the most part
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User Info: KryptoPyro13

4 years ago#24
When I played RE5 online with randoms, they were mostly okay for the most part. One was pretty good and stuff and invited me to play again-- the other was kind of terrible at the game (couldn't solve the ruins puzzle to save his life :|), but wasn't malicious.
"I expected disappointment. In that regard, I was not disappointed."
Iwata: "Betrayal that makes the fans happy!"
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