Piers and Chris *spoilers*

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User Info: ZeeDogge

4 years ago#51
largerock posted...
They ARE a cute couple!


User Info: Dabrikishaw15

4 years ago#52
From: melainevalent | Posted: 1/27/2013 8:44:44 PM | #036

As a Nivanfield shipper, I beg of you, stop talking.

You're making us look bad and doing exactly what that user is saying. I have read the posts in question and found nothing that indicates she (Is that right?) is against homosexuals. She has simply stated that the fanbase is tiresome.

She went on to stress how much she's bothered by girls saying they love Nivanfield because it's hot, but they turn their faces at two girls in a relationship. How is that being a homophobe? She has said that instead of seeing Chris and Piers in a romantic light, she sees them as loyal and trusted partners. Nothing more. She did not insult you or I or gays for that matter.

I can attest this user writes a lot, and I have read this topic in which she defends the LGBT community and tells another user (xxAgentAdaxx if I'm not mistaken) that she was beinf offensive towards the community (which I agree, she was. I think she was making posts about how Helena was obviously a lesbian for turning down Leon and that all females have vaginas and all males have penises).

You are acting like those people user Longstorm555 is complaining about. Our reputation around the web is already bad especially after that poll that was discussed here. We're known as the 'cheaters' of the fandom now. Don't make it any worse.

You're calling an user a homophobe without even knowing them and without them being homophobes. That's a serious thing.

What poll?
Fact: all fanbases are unpleasable, deal with it.

User Info: Roll_kix_azz

4 years ago#53
largerock posted...
They ARE a cute couple!
Remember: Roll is FTW, ppl who h8 her are FTL. This is a golden rule
Official Ino of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 board
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