Is this game good??

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User Info: StrangerSirKai

4 years ago#31
Neutron15 posted...
StrangerSirKai posted...
while Revelations had some pacing issues with the side-character bits, it's still heads and shoulders above RE6.

Revelations doesn't have issue

It mostly certainly does. You spend hours carefully treading the Zenobia as Jill, slowly building up your arsenal, fighting tough bosses and uncovering new areas. Then in one mission you play as Chris armed to the teeth and rush through an exact copy of the ship and accomplish in about 25 minutes what took Jill 4-5 hours of game time, AND in that bit you even kill TWO clones of the first boss at the same time. That bit as Chris completely spoiled the strong pacing the game otherwise had up to that point, and makes Jill's exploits just look weak and insubstantial by comparison. Revelations is still great and there's plenty examples of strong pacing after that bit, but it was a really badly done mid-game sequence. Still a pretty meager flaw compared to RE6's much more annoying pacing problems.

User Info: ShinWesker

4 years ago#32
Just my opinion

+ good story
+ good gameplay
+ overall long game
+ co-op is a lot of fun
+ nice endings

- bad enemy designs ("zombies" with guns etc. are just bad)
- co-op is a bit messy, you cannot give weapons or ammo (online)
- lack of puzzles
- terrible vehicle sections
- terrible turret sections
- terrible QTEs

I would still recommend it though. It's def. the worst out of the main series, but it is not a bad game, they just ***** up so bad and I don't know why they did that.
Shadows of the Damned is an awesome game.
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