resident evil movies analysis & ending (HUGE spoiler)

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User Info: largerock

4 years ago#11
tehhead posted...
Dicer7 posted...

I get this feeling Capcom just wants the CG movies to essentially be "Resident Evil: The Random Adventures of Leon".

actually, rather than spending 65$ million on those live action movies... that money is better spent on motion capturing & produce CG movie like this

then again, why did Resident evil didn't get a reboot when devil may cry did, capcom keep boggles me
they have all the recipe to make resident evil entertaining again, and fix some plot issues by rebooting
by japanese team of course, american's will make the game easy to enter & easy to forget
i think...

Because $$$ und corruption.
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User Info: edward18

4 years ago#12
So what kind of exciting thing that you wanted to see? Normal Human vs Super Humans?

Normal people trying to survive amidst a monster-infested area and trying to figure out what's going on.
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User Info: UltimateGeth39

4 years ago#13
Pros to the live action movies
Live action jill
Live action nemesis

Nemesis turns good before dying
Alice just alice
50% of the movies is slow-mo fights
Pointless time skips with little explanation of what happened
Poor attention to the game characters personalities
Very few of the really cool B.O.Ws are in the movies
They failed to capture the glory of leon's hair (half joking half serious)
One virus no G-virus,no T-Veronica just the T-virus
No birkin(I think he was mentioned but thats it I died a little inside when I realized he wont appear he's one of my favorites)

I could go on but this seems like a good place to stop.

User Info: DetBeauregard

4 years ago#14
ReceiverxWisdom posted...
The CGI films were way better than the live action movies imo.

User Info: Liquid_Acid

4 years ago#15
I loved Degeneration/Damnation. Never found them boring or anything. Then again, I'm one of those fanatics that if I love a series/franchise, I could watch any footage of that series and love it. Aka useless extras/deleted scenes. I'm optimistic I guess.

As for the live action movies. HATED them when I first watched them. Then after awhile I grown to accept that they are what they are. Some other guy's version of the story...

Re - Watchable...I thought it was okay...Remembered asking myself, where's all the main RE characters?!?

Re Apocalypse - What the ****ing ****? Alice was a normal human and she became some random badly dressed ninja cat woman?!? Nemesis was karate chopped by a 115lb girl?

Re Extinction - What the ****ing **** times two! What happen!?? The whole movie could have been how the T Virus spread across the nation/world. Instead we get an intro of, the virus spread across the world and dried up the lakes/ocean and killed all the plants and trees! WTH?!? Telekinesis and the T Virus allowing her to control and manipulate fire?!?!?!? My misery and head is hurting right now...Horrible...just horrible...

RE Afterlife - I expected tragedy...My expectations were incredibly low. Good thing that happened though. I was somewhat entertained with the movie. Wasn't as bad as I remembered. My only question was, okay Umbrella, you killed 99.3% of the entire world, what's the point of everything now? Money? LOL why still work for anyone when you killed the entire world!?

RE Retribution - Ehhhhh, pretty bad. Really umbrella? You had the money to create some random based underwater and create detailed simulation of random cities/events? Only part I enjoyed was watching Battlesuit Jill beat the living crap out of Alice...Seeing Wesker in the White House was pretty cool too. But I was hoping this would be the last movie of my misery. But we have to watch ANOTHER sequel to finish what I already started 10+ years ago...
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