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User Info: SirAvila

4 years ago#51
TVthePunisher posted...
SirAvila posted...
My current collection, nothing too big but working on it.

Ah no way! You have that Gaiden case too? I just ordered one off of Ebay a week ago and it arrived today. Holding my game as we speak. Wonder if we got it from the same guy...

Wow guys, some pretty impressive stuff so far! =) some interesting setups too on how they're displayed/stored. I really love the spines but...I wouldn't mind having everything "facing forward".

Edit: That Survivor case, where did you get it? I'm curious about some custom cases myself...I mean I have the game in its actual case like you do as well but wouldn't hurt to "extend the collection" a bit ;) buy the disc from someone online, have the custom cases ready for the discs.

Lol probably, it was only $10? i think, also the Survivor case i got from Gamecaseworld? site on ebay.
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