Jessica's true secret...possibly revealed by Sven

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User Info: ultra_kawaii

4 years ago#1
Yup, Jessica isn't only a double agent, she's transsexual as well. Sven himself hinted to it over at Capcom Unity. He also hinted to there being a gay character in the series (it's not mentioned, but it's probably Piers). Is anyone shocked by this?

Check out what he said in the link:

User Info: siberian142

4 years ago#2
He didn't really hint to either of those things though, all he said was that he respected his fans and they'd add it if it was relevant.

maybe some characters are already gay/TG and we just don't know it because it's not relevant

As for this, sounds like he's just saying it to support the rest of what he said. They'd do it, maybe they have already, but it's not relevant enough to outright state.

User Info: Alky88

4 years ago#3
Exactly. Piers could be gay if you want to believe so but it doesn't matter either way. This message is more important than stating wether he is or not.
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User Info: Mister_Zurkon

4 years ago#4
I'd say Chris is the much more likely option, given his flat out refusal of every female advancement on him, and never given a love interest. And don't give me that Jill crap, she reeks of hag.

That and the whole Piers being dead thing, and never really given any sort of backstory or whatnot.

and everyone else is more or less confirmed to be Straight, or at least not strictly gay...

Besides maybe Keith?
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User Info: YukitoRambo

4 years ago#5
Well, if they start making it obvious to everyone what sexual orientation these characters have, the bleeding heart LGBT organizations will somehow spin the issue into that of discrimination and exploitation of such people. What's even sadder is that most of the time those clowns appear 'enraged', they're really not; it's all just a part of a political game.

Just look at that mess with Poison's orientation in SFxT. It doesn't matter what his original canon story is, because since then Capcom of Japan has already recognized him as not-woman in all subsequent games and stuck with it. I dare say it was the thing that distinguished Poison from all other trash characters in Final Fight series, because seriously, aside from Hugo, who are all the other mob characters you can remember? But NO! Capcom was still forced to cease his background story and all the winquote interactions between him and other characters of any mention of his sexuality just to make him 'politically correct'.

I've even met some trans who told me outright that many don't like how those organizations treat their issues sometimes. It's as if they're actually not allowing the transsexual community to be proud of who they are, ironically.
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User Info: ManuMIAS

4 years ago#6
wait wich part he said Jessica was a tranny? I saw the entire Jessica report translated months ago because another user was claiming Jessica was tryna, and guess what in her report dont said anything about it, also they dont talk about Jessica as a character she is only talking with a woman about Chris, Jill, Parker and other characters but not aboutherself.

User Info: desi_shinobi

4 years ago#7
People just see things that aren't there and choose to believe it.
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User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

4 years ago#8
I'll hump Chris and the real Piers. He's a snob though.

User Info: saberstrom

4 years ago#9
i know chris and piers are bisexual lovers with each other so im not shocked.

User Info: Force Infinity

Force Infinity
4 years ago#10
If I were to pick, Helena with her man face is more likely to be the TG character.
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