Capcom: Considering doing a RE reboot!

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User Info: jf5tlgr

4 years ago#11
I don't like classic RE. It was quite boring.
Horror element is only good at first time play.
After first time play, player know where is monster location, where is dangerous, where is the dreadful enemy. That is quite boring replay.
I think capcom keep current RE4/5/6 element.
RE is already action oriented horror game since RE4.

User Info: edward18

4 years ago#12
Is there some reason you're copying and pasting that message? Are you trolling?

Not necessarily. They could just go with a new story arc, but doesn't mean it will completely erase the events that happens in Chris's life. The series got too insane to the point that I'd be happy for a reboot.

That isn't a reboot then.

So you're not happy with resident evil since 4, yet you don't want them to try and fix the damage that they've done? What DO you want?

For them to switch back to the old style of gameplay without erasing story.

I mean usually I'm on you're side cause I also prefer the classics but with what you're saying you kinda make it sound like you just want the series to fall off the map all together, lol.

I'd prefer that to what 4 turned it into.

I'm just confused.

My apologies.
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