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User Info: Reno_Tarshil

4 years ago#23
Oh, I never played REvelations, So i didn't know there was a chainsaw dude in there.
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User Info: saberstrom

4 years ago#24
ih0tfirei posted...
Let_It_Rain99 posted...
I'd say the Scagdeads from Revelations are the scariest the way they talk and shout things while they're attacking you is really creepy.

It's also the only boss that's killed around 90% of the player base the first time they ran into him.

say what? he was one of the easiest to kill! i ran around his drunk looking, stumbling over himself, almost falling down, clownlooking self. it didnt take many bullets on him.

i will say he put comedy in the game because i laugh when i see him. he shouldnt even be in the game in the current form.

User Info: desi_shinobi

4 years ago#25
Scagdeads, Ubivisto and Super Salvador were all equally creepy for me
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User Info: ZeeDogge

4 years ago#26
ITT: Regular dudes with chainsaws are creepier than deformed mutants

User Info: ridley723

4 years ago#27
Salvador and it ain't even close!

I occasionally curse when getting caught by the Ubistvo in roof top mission though. Salvador always creeps up behind you and yells...I always jump out of my seat.

User Info: tevin1569

4 years ago#28
desi_shinobi posted...
Scagdeads, Ubivisto and Super Salvador were all equally creepy for me

I agree. I have seen Scadeads yet, but the other two are both creepy.
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User Info: kalibre16

4 years ago#29
In terms of Creepy factor then yea scagdeads take it not only does the file help but hearing them utter phrases in garbled english really makes you want to turn the volume all the way down

In terms of Oh crap factor though nothing beats Super Salvador that guy was just too quick and he didn't stop unless he was shot PERFECTLY in the head I can't count the number of times when I thought I had him and then he just kept going and SLICE head cut off
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User Info: Diablo56789

4 years ago#30
Super Salvador with the Scagdeads in second. no contest

The chainsaw in RE5 was pathetic. he was slow, had a dumb looking model and was easiest to kill. Ubisvo is better but still had dumb looking movements and was really easy to kill.
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