What's up with Capcom? No campaign DLC?

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User Info: Yeahurwrong

4 years ago#11
m100t1s posted...
From: melainevalent | #005
I'm sorry, but just because RE5 had story DLC, that means RE6 needs one too?

RE5 had a gap to fill. How did Jill and Josh managed to escape and find Chris and Sheva, and the LiN was more like a treat for old school fans.

RE6, however, has no gaps. The gaps are filled via files.

Fans want a DLC with Jill and Claire looking for Chris, but apart from the fanservice it would provide, I see no point in it. We know they are not going to find him anyway since Piers is the one who does. A DLC featuring Piers looking for Chris? That would please Piers fans, but it's not relevant either.

Just because 5 had, doesn't mean all the others need to have it too.

Do you seriously, Think that Jake's ending cut-scene will be a sequel game?
It's obviously a DLC.

Also, Why did they made Lost in Nightmares DLC? They explained everything in a cut-scene in RE5 were Jill and Chris inter the mansion and then ending the cut-scene with Jill falling with Wesker. Why the DLC then?

not jake in general just showing that neo umbrella is stil at work

and hopefully capcom will truely deliver ALL the action all the war zones the main enemies have been discovered and CRAP HAS HIT THE FAN

so I wasnt expected Re 1-3 horror but now that 6 has ended we may get horror back just with the modern gameplay and i'lla accept that just now is how will they do it O_O i'm hoping for the best instead of constantly slandering capcom lets try support cause internet smack talk wont get good ideas to capcom

anyone and EVERYONE is trying to be a critic and that wont give us anything better
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User Info: Mister_Zurkon

4 years ago#12
Story DLC is hard to make.

Charging people for sectioned off story levels for Merc's is easy!
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