I'm worried of how they would 'reboot' this series...

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  3. I'm worried of how they would 'reboot' this series...

User Info: YukitoRambo

4 years ago#1
They said they are taking in feedbacks and building on that.

Capcom isn't Square Enix but Hiromichi Tanaka said the same about FFXIV 1.0. The actual game proved that he was taking things out of his ass. Also they knew people would be pissed off with SFxT's 12 character omission for home consoles but they went ahead with it anyway.

Then there's this high probability that the events in Arklay mansion would be dumbed down to having co-op play where partners will have to be at close proximity at all times since RE5. That ruined the mood for RE6 and to certain extent, LiN.

I think the best way that they can implement co-op would be like the Outbreaks, where all 3-4 characters can all go their own ways through one huuuuuge map. Naturally there will have to be times when they still need to stick together because splitting up in face of danger is dumb, but they can also force players to split up for reasons such as timed item procuring or simply getting locked seperately from each other or because they all started from different locations and have to meet or something.
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User Info: m100t1s

4 years ago#2
I don't believe Capcom anymore when it comes to asking the fans and taking feedbacks.

User Info: IlDanko

4 years ago#3
We should say them to do what we don't want... Then they will do the opposite and we will end all happy
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User Info: m100t1s

4 years ago#4
From: IlDanko | #003
We should say them to do what we don't want... Then they will do the opposite and we will end all happy

/Capcom's logic.

User Info: Coryo61827

4 years ago#5
Well look at it this way, it can't possibly get much worse after operation raccoon city and resident evil 6. 2012 was definitely rock bottom for the series with revelations being the one to show a small glimmer of hope left for the series.
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User Info: Diablo56789

4 years ago#6
Ever since MML3 I don't trust Capcom with anything

REmake2 is going to be the final thing they can do.
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User Info: Candy__Girl

4 years ago#7
ORC was not canon. It doesn't count.

User Info: Ertrick36

4 years ago#8
Co-op like RE Outbreak? I'd sure hope they don't bring in the same laggy-as-f*** online play as well (I've never played it online, but I've seen vids XP).

I'd like it if they still implemented co-op for RE. I know there are a lot of fanboys/girls who absolutely hate the idea of RE co-op, but I wouldn't mind too much as long as they made it somewhat like Outbreak's. What I mean is that they should incorporate several Outbreak co-op aspects into it:

1) Being able to split up. I never like any co-op games where you and your partner are forced to stick together (it's for a more linear style of gameplay). I often like to travel on my own without the aid of my allies, while we can still help each other whenever we meet up again. It would especially work with one of my less dependent friends because we could split up and tackle multiple targets at a time.

2) The death of one ally does not result in failure for anyone but the dead ally. Playing RE4, I was annoyed that I couldn't just throw Ashley Graham in a f***ing pit of magma and go on my merry way. Okay, I understand that the mission Leon was on was to rescue Ashley Graham, but I don't like having to protect people whether I like to or not; I want that to be an obligation based on how I feel about the character, not a necessity. I guess that one other reason there would be for me liking the Outbreak system more is because I actually like most of the PC's/AIPC's in Outbreak, whereas the one partner you get in RE4 was an annoying, whiny b****. But still, I hate being let down by a single partner being stupid. This ties in with #1, as it would be very, very annoying and, at the same time, strange when you all of a sudden get a gameover because one of your allies died in a room far away.

3) Allies who aren't as annoyingly whiny as Ashley Graham, yet not very static or grey (meaning uncolorful, not morally grey). Seriously, Ashley was so f***ing annoying. What I really want is a character who is capable of some fighting. I really liked how in Outbreak, they didn't seriously downplay any of the female characters' fighting abilities; they made it so that even an innocent waitress or schoolgirl could pick up a gun or broom and fight off zombies. That, in my opinion, is f***ing cool. Ashley is not cool; she is a damsel in distress, which leads me to my next point.

4) No damsels in distress. I get so f***ing tired of always having to rescue a damsel. It is an all too common theme in our media. It is okay if they become in distress like Ada at times (meaning in RE2, when she was hanging from the walkway), but not so often that it is a common theme among the games (unless perhaps they put some males in distress too). Maybe some people like it, but I am absolutely appalled by it. And it is especially shameful when those same "damsels in distress" have to follow me around.

5) The game is not too much more easy with co-op than it would be with singleplayer. This is the greatest fear among all fans in RE who hate co-op. They fear that with co-op, the game loses its survival-horror touch and the game becomes too easy. It is a reasonable fear, but I believe it can be acted upon. I don't think that the co-op option needs to be removed from RE if we want a game that is still horrifying. If some of the earlier elements were implemented in the next RE game, I think it would help. But I know that the game can still maintain horror with co-op.
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  3. I'm worried of how they would 'reboot' this series...

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