Can we agree that RE6 failed cause of Leon and Jake?

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  3. Can we agree that RE6 failed cause of Leon and Jake?

User Info: Loki90

4 years ago#1
RE5 was a success on sales. Everyone loved RE5 due Chris campaign.

Then RE6 only have one short campaign for Chris. RE5 fans never really wanted to play as Leon or Jake. Since Chris campaign in RE6 its too short compared to RE5 then why bother?

Sure, Chris fans bought RE6 cause he was in it. But people who loved RE5 and are not Chris fans wont buy this game cause Leon and Jake campaign are just too horrible.

Capcom should learn their lesson and make RE7 more like RE5.

RE5 had even more features than RE6.

Alt costumes to be used on Campaign from start. (By that I mean, no having to pay money for the first 3 costumes).

10 or 12 maps for mercs on disc for free.

DLC campaign.

Its clear that RE5 sold better cause it is a better game. Even though I loved Chris campaign in RE6.

User Info: Archiantagonist

4 years ago#2
I dunno, IMHO Chris's campaign in RE 6 is absolute worst.
And I don't even hate him as a char.

Furthermore, RE 5 was extremely boring to me(I was yawning whole the way through it),
but I guess Wesker's fanboys were pretty happy to see him again(even if he died in the end)

And to finish it off, I don't consider RE 6 as failure.

While it defly has no horror-component it's still a very good game, I think.
I constantly hear that they(Capcom) should back to "survival horror" formula,
but for me RE 6 is exactly about survival.

As for horror...well, I'm 32...NOTHING will scare me in video games,
no matter what Capcom will try... so should they try to,
I'm pretty sure that it'll end up being just another "failure" in the eyes of ungrateful fanboys.

User Info: MissNaye

4 years ago#3
Chris' campaign is my favorite, Jake's is terrible and not that much fun until the fight vs Ustanak at the lava pit.

As far as the game being a failure, it sold a lot of copies even though reviews are mixed. I never care about reviews since I know what types of games I like and will buy. I do not need the opinions of review sites to think for me and "tell" me what game is good. If I did that, I wouldn't be playing video games now. To be honest, it is very pathetic to care about what review sites say these days, you are born with a brain, use it and think for yourself!
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User Info: Master_Dartz

4 years ago#4
No, Leon and Jake's campaigns were by far my favorites. I could barely stand playing through Chris's.
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User Info: sadiq2010

4 years ago#5

you are crazy and nonsense.

resident evil 7 should be like resident evil 0 remake 1 2 3 and code veronica.

resident evil 7 should never be like 4 and 5, because 4 and 5 were total trash and stupid games.

User Info: sadiq2010

4 years ago#6
chris campaign is the best.

User Info: ItsAboutStyle

4 years ago#7
You aren't exactly Mister Current Affairs are you, Tommy? "Mad Fist" went mad, and "The Gun," shot himself.

User Info: IlDanko

4 years ago#8
I don't know... I mean, the game was made to please all the fans, they brought back leon and chris, each with a campaign with the same length as the one in RE5, plus they finally made them meet with each other...

I think that the thing that supposely made this game "fail" were the f****** enemies design and lack of atmosphere during 3/4 of the game, i mean, this is supposed to be a horror game, its just plain stupid to give guns to your enemies, to make them mutate into f****** insects, to make chubby zombies, to fight and defeat the same guy 6 in a row and turn him into a T-rex and in a f******* housefly...

This franchise had some of the most awesome creatures of horror games, look at the lickers and the tyrants just to say some, but no they had to change it all in RE4 and make angry people with worms in their head your enemies... At least in 5 they brought back the lickers and introduced the reapers and duvalias..

But yeah chris' campaign was simply the best
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User Info: aFriendofaDevil

4 years ago#9
Didn't like playing Chris's scenario. Like, at all.
Primitive military bs, full of meaningless pretentiousness, gopnik-style enemies,
histrionical dialogs and zero tension. Was just pure farce to me

Jake's one had annoying moments, like running blind through the blizzard or bike-race,
but at least it wasn't boring.

Leon's I liked the most for now, but I haven't finished Ada's yet a friend of mine

User Info: zombiabsol

4 years ago#10
But people who loved RE5 and are not Chris fans wont buy this game cause Leon and Jake campaign are just too horrible.

uh, speak for yourself, i love re5, dont care for chris, and love re6. your logic didnt make much sense there lol

Capcom should learn their lesson and make RE7 more like RE5.

no. if they want to make re7 more successful they need re6 controls, revelations and re2 style enemies( no super intelligent creatures that hold guns, just ...monsters), re5's feature to decide which weopons to keep before you start a chapter and allow you to throw away items, the merchant, re3's sense of fear, revelations and REmake atmosphere, costumes in campaign, and unlockable weapons. Also, long intense periods of horror with frightening boss fights popping in, similar to the first boss in revelations (MAAAYDAAAY!)

i think that would sell. Each entry in the series has something other entries are missing, Capcom needs to realize that.
(PSN:zombiabsol3) RE6 and PASBR <3
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