If they reboot raccoon cities & area as 1 package

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  3. If they reboot raccoon cities & area as 1 package

User Info: tehhead

4 years ago#1
By that, i mean, Reboot all RE scenario completely in 1 game
Retaining all old character & enemies, enemies have more attacks of course
Plays like RE6 is, but weakened melee to the point it stuns only
Returning key searching, yep, the meat of previous games, backtrackings, in which revelation did, and you guys like it

And campaign now is 4 hour long & can manually save & has checkpoints
Yes, 3 campaign (mansion incident, raccoon police incident & raccoon city demise)
Checkpoints works like chapter for character campaign in RE6, and save point just serve so that you don't have to restart everything from checkpoints (load game if you don't want dead count, something like that)

Campaign is not available to co-op, but other mode has multi players (raid mode, mercenaries & stuffs)

0 scenario & asford incident is DLC by preorder / 4 month after release for 24.99$ (8 hour DLC, cmon guys)

User Info: goku4ever03

4 years ago#2
I think you got so caught up in your incoherent ramblings that you forgot to include a question in your topic.
The ultimate woman is a man - House

User Info: Torru369

4 years ago#3
I like the idea, great as the old games where the controls where primitive even when they came out. If the gameplay was a combination of RER and 6 with melee good enough to take out an enemy but stupid to take on a bunch at once.
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  3. If they reboot raccoon cities & area as 1 package

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