Did they rush making RE6? (Uncompleted game?)

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User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

4 years ago#21
just as information, when a trailer is released really gives no indication on how long a game has been in production.
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User Info: tevin1569

4 years ago#22
desi_shinobi posted...
Alky88 posted...
Lol... it needed more content? Are you serious? <_<
This game has more content than RE4 and 5, what else could you possibly want?

It does have plenty of replay value and I still play it now but the lack of costumes on campaign, weapon upgrading and weapon selection was a downer for me.

I personally wish that Claire and Jill made an appearance in this game considering the sheer scale of the game.

I agree, I love RE6, don't get me wrong, like I LOVE IT! Every RE has had alternate costumes for campaign, 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. And now we don't get them...I saw a mod where the costumes really stood out(Super bright), so I understand the problem, but they could just work on it, put Revelations down for a while(Because they are completely redoing that game for the port) and just work on RE6.. I mean c'mon, so much can be done with this game, Costumes are needed for me, it makes campaigns more fun seeing Pimp Jake and Retro Sherry vs J'avo in a cutscene.
Weapon upgrades wasn't much of a miss for me, I mean it was kind of a pain for me, but I miss finding treasures like 4 & 5. I wish we could use any weapon in any campaign but the weapon layout was nice. A few more things could be added, and I believe Capcom will do something more, well I hope :3.

And yes JILL, JILL, Wonderful JILL!!!!! and Claire...I guess xD.
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User Info: Jwahaha

4 years ago#23
Yes, yes they did. They even sourced out a few parts of the game to Activision, at least I would imagine so considering the fact that the car chase and harrier scenes made the cut.

User Info: DetBeauregard

4 years ago#24
Jwahaha posted...
They even sourced out a few parts of the game to Activision, at least I would imagine so considering the fact that the car chase and harrier scenes made the cut.

I actually didn't mind the VTOL section. I didn't really fit in Resident Evil, but at least it makes some sense given Chris's background.

Yes, the car chase was crap. A section so boring that they make players switch roles halfway through so that both can play through the tedium!

User Info: icantsee

4 years ago#25
There is still a lot of content in this game that I bet a lot of people haven't found. Like you can counter almost any enemy for example. And there's a lot of melees. As the following vid shows.


It has so much detail so I don't think it was rushed. Of course the developers can always add more and more, but they have to stop at some point.
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User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#26
Every Capcom game is incomplete; this is nothing new.
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User Info: edward18

4 years ago#27
When a Resident Evil doesn't have a beta, yeah it is a big deal.
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User Info: FeelAFear

4 years ago#28
The padded out sections make it feel rushed to me, but other than that, I don't have much of a problem with the game. Most of the title update features seem more like afterthoughts than things that should have been included with the original release.

As for hyping up a game with trailers and demos and such, I would rather have the release date pretty close to the trailer showing. It stays fresh on people's minds and you don't have to keep them waiting indefinitely.

User Info: DetBeauregard

4 years ago#29
icantsee posted...

Wow, impressive. never knew all of those existed.

I've never even tried to counter J'avo, but apparently they usually don't even die from it! What a waste of time. I also never knew you could flush a Rasklapanje hand down the toilet. That's hilarious!

Also, the one where Jake picks up Ustanak... seriously?! That's absurd...
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