RE6 will be $19.99, as of Sunday.

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  3. RE6 will be $19.99, as of Sunday.

User Info: BasementDude

4 years ago#31
my friend's the same. he prefers more action oriented shooters
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User Info: vgplaya89

4 years ago#32
oh well, got it as a Christmas present >_>
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User Info: AnubanUT

4 years ago#33
Definite confirmation here out on the West Coast ... Best Buy is running an ad in the Sunday paper and I am going to return my used one I paid 27 bucks for and grab this one for 19.99. Now this is a good deal. I will probably wait and see how far GoW:A drops in price before I buy it ... these days waiting is not a bad idea unless you just have to be among the first to beat the game.
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  3. RE6 will be $19.99, as of Sunday.

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