I can't get into this game at all

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User Info: CrimzonHead

4 years ago#11
ChelskiFan2 posted...
The term 'fanboy' is thrown about far too often for my liking, but you are the absoloute definition of it mate if you can honestly sit there and defend it.

The controls DO... NOT... WORK for this type of game. It's like Capcom tried to mash together their control scheme from RE4/5 with a typical third person shooter, and they've failed miserably, the reviews back that.

MGS Rising, love it or hate it, has introduced a more fluid control scheme to match the new direction it's taken. RE6 has by and large kept it the same, except you can now aim and shoot...

It's topped off by it's absoloute moronic context sensitive control where by you need to wait for a button to appear to do the simplest things like jump or go into cover. They could have just changed the camera angle so it's more third person, assigned a button to do things like jumping and a button to go round hacking and slashing with the knife, rename it 'Zombie Outbreak', and no one would know it's an RE game.

I know i'm not alone in this either having a read around here. it's a joke of a RE game - end of.

Get better.
"I could beat Mike Tyson in a fight with a pistol. Where are all of my cool points?" - Sliq6969
Don't be scared homie
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  3. I can't get into this game at all

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