RE6 is an amazing entry in the series. IMO

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User Info: zombiabsol

4 years ago#21
PyroSpark posted...
AG15 posted...

To be honest, I admit the classic REs are the best, RE2 being my favorite in the series, I just dont think its bad for capcom to experiment a bit, RE4 proved that the new gameplay was very needed,although I do admit that RE5 didnt bring anything good to the series.

You know what, ever since they decided to add co-op RE lost a LOT of its scare factor, but that doesnt mean its not fun, there's nothing we can do about RE6 now, except wait for the new entry which is going back to the RE roots. I personally like having both gameplay styles in the series, its a good variation.

I personally think RE does best when it's a serious blend of action and horror/atmosphere. Like revelations.


Capcom fails to realize that every re game has something awesome to it that the others need.

Revelations did the horror to action balance just right.
Re6 had the best controls imo
Re3 had the best sense of fear
Re2/3 had the most interesting area (tall oaks had so much potential)
REmake was great on Puzzles
Re4 did the weopons system (merchant being found in game)
Re5/Re6 mercs/Re4, had the right ideas for unlockables.

Put it all together Capcom and make one awesome re game.
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User Info: edward18

4 years ago#23
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  3. RE6 is an amazing entry in the series. IMO

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