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User Info: WWP7

4 years ago#11
Simmons T-Rex fight with Ada.
I think they reduced his health.
I spend less time now shooting at him with the helicopter than I did without the patch.

User Info: kalibre16

4 years ago#12
Alright I decided to take old Pro out for a spin and here's what I found thus far (Leon) (Unequipped all my skills to make sure this was fair)

- Ch3 When Leon and Helena are separated and you played as Leon I recall having to escape from the fish 3-4 times however now with the update I only had to escape twice (and of course barely tapping X)

- Ch4 In the Plane when you have to release the hatch with the "Lepotsa" not only is the prompt to open it easier but when climbing back up they removed having to hold down R1 AND L1 and now only have one button press at a time

- Ch4 In the Plane when Leon takes the controls I remember the QTE being very strict almost demanding flawless work and never letting me fall below 800 with the patch though I messed up 4-5 times (on purpose) and still managed to complete it with around 650

- Ch4 The Ustanak battle was seriously nerfed either that or I got really good at this anyways I only used one of those explosive barrels he runs off then I fix the bus with sherry and 2 minutes later I'm done

- Ch4 In the market with Raskaplange not much is changed aside from 2 things, one when you blow apart the first one an extra bit of dialogue is there with Helena saying "this isn't working" and Leon responding "your'e right lets try to conserve our ammo" (This is of course to heavily imply that they cannot be defeated for good)

The second thing is I found myself only ever having one or 2 behind me despite walking at a leisurely pace in the original though I was running as fast as possible and found myself being surrounded by 4-5 at any given time (not to mention body parts it was chaos)

- Ch4 Simmons Battle (as many have noted Simmons required you to flex your muscles before attempting to beat his face but now 5 simple taps and you are good)

- He melees more often now than shoots at you so eh either one is avoidable

- Running sequence is a bit less strict I recall bumping into a wall climbing the top most box and still making it out with him far behind

- Ch5 Again Simmons (X prompt)

- Climbing segment it's funny the first time that guy was right on my *** and now he was like all the way at the bottom

-Final boss after you hit him the first time with the lightning rod (its pretty much given to you) Leon says something like "hey take a look at that I'll be that'll give him a shock"
again giving away the magor implication you need that rod

(I know where are the Ch2 and Ch1 I started at ch3 so sue me :)

I'll get around to it I need a suggestion though does anyone know of a good recording device (I'd get an HD Camera but they so expensive lol plus even like that the quality wouldn't come out as good) I need one that can record HDMI though I refuse to use composite (Component eh I guess anyways any suggestions will do)
"A good essay is like a mini skirt its long enough to cover all the important stuff but still short enough to keep you interested"---
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