How much money has everyone spent on RE6 so far?

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  3. How much money has everyone spent on RE6 so far?

User Info: AdaSandwich

4 years ago#21
goku4ever03 posted...
£1251.56 ($1898.05)

Leather Jacket Edition - £899
Collector's Edition £129.99
No Hope Left Edition - £89.97
DSO T-Shirt Edition - £79.99
Steelbook Edition - £39.99
Onslaught Game Mode - £3.19
Predator Game Mode £3.19
Survivors Game Mode - £3.19
Stage Map Pack A - £1.59
Stage Map Pack B - £1.59

I'm so jelly lol.

User Info: MissNaye

4 years ago#22
$60 for the game
$2 for Map Pack B
$12 for the new DLC modes
$45 for the Biohazard 6 Artworks book from cdjapan including international Fedex shipping

Total Cost: $119 (so far)
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User Info: brielski2468

4 years ago#23
Resident Evil 6 Anthology - $97.86
Rail Yard - $0.99
High Seas Fortress - $0.99
The Catacombs - $0.00 (Pre-Order Bonus)
Map Pack A - $1.99
Map Pack B - $1.99
Predator Mode - $3.99
Survivors Mode - $3.99
Onslaught Mode - $3.99
Total - $115.79

Siege Mode - $3.99
Any other DLC that gets released - $?
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User Info: Drakillion

4 years ago#24
$7.56 with the $20 gift card my friend gave me.
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User Info: goku4ever03

4 years ago#25
Animesetsuna posted...
Nice collection you got there. XD

Thanks :)

In terms of quantity it loses out to my collection of Batman: Arkham City editions by one. Blows it out the water in terms of price though

saleonkennedy posted...
Is the jacket cool?

It is pretty sleek. The pictures they showed us do it no justice. My one main complaint is that it's too small. I'm 5'10 and have a slim-average build and thought medium would do for me (the large ones had sold out anyway). It's so tight though. I can't wear the jacket and have my hands in my pockets at the same time without forcing it and feeling uncomfortable. I can't raise my arms above shoulder height without lifting the whole jacket up to my ears and I can't hug anyone with it. Another gripe is that it has a very strong smell and it rubs off on all my other clothes. Even stank up my whole wardrobe.

As only 10 of these legit jackets were made and sold, you probably won't be hearing many complaints though.
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  3. How much money has everyone spent on RE6 so far?

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