How do you play this game?

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User Info: AzNJiNN

4 years ago#1
I'm sure I'm just bad at it, but I keep running out of ammo, running out of herbs, and dying a lot. Am I supposed to just melee zombies? Or just simply run away if I could? I'm only on Chapter 2 of Leon's story. I do like the game though, but the constant running out of ammo etc. is hurting my experience. I'm wondering if that's the reason the game wasn't received well. Thanks for any advice.

User Info: DestinyKnot

4 years ago#2
I've never had issues with ammo in this game. I actually find myself discarding ammo and grenades just to make room for health. I'm a melee whore, though..same for RE5, I spammed Chris' neck break on almost every enemy that game. XD

User Info: BasementDude

4 years ago#3
head shot then melee to conserve ammo
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User Info: Red04

4 years ago#4
Perform a quick- shot (L1+R1) to make zombies stagger, and then run up close for melee attacks.
However, different enemies require different tactics. As for Whoppers, shoot the knees.
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User Info: Steven-Chase

4 years ago#5
Ammo isn't intended to be plentiful. You're supposed to judge situations and determine whether you should fight or flight, and in situations where you have to fight, you have to learn to kill enemies without just spitting a bunch of bullets in them. Practically every enemy and boss in the game is designed so that the most damage is done by hitting them in certain weak points and then following up with some kind of melee attack. If you approach every enemy by just shooting them until they die, you'll run out of ammo FAST.

I won't go into too much detail as to avoid spoilers, but here's some stuff that should help you with the more common enemies.


- If the zombie is carrying a weapon, Quick-Shot them (L1+R1) and run up to activate an instant-kill melee, every time.

- Save grenades for big groups of enemies. They're not as effective against single strong enemies in this game. Zombies are extremely weak to flame grenades.

- LEARN TO COUNTER. Countering takes a LOT of practice to get the hang of, and the timing is truly different on every type of enemy attack. But once you get the hang of it, you can do some serious damage. Most counters instantly kill the enemy, and if not, it does extremely heavy damage.


- Zombies: Aim for the head. They have higher rate of headshot kills than J'avo, and even if it doesn't kill them, it puts them in a unique stagger that you can follow-up with an extremely powerful melee on them.

If you're not a confident shot, you can use the Quick-Shot method to stagger them and follow-up with a melee... but this is a pretty standard attack that doesn't kill them very often.

A more advanced technique is to Quick-Shot, then slide into them (hold X, forward on the Control Stick, and press L1). This will stagger them again, making them turn their back on you. You can then run up to them to activate one of two more powerful melees depending on which side you approach them from (front or back). The more powerful version is from the front which will almost always instantly KO them.

Another way to put them into this same state is to Quick-Shot, approach them and use R1 to kick/punch them, but don't get close enough so that it will activate the unique stagger melee (roundhouse kick). This will put them in the same state as sliding into them.

- J'avo: Aim for the head. It's very unlikely that you'll take their head off, but it always puts them in that same stagger state as zombies that you can follow-up with a very powerful melee attack. The same technique mentioned above for zombies (slide into them) will have the same result here, but it's not as necessary since head-shots are easier to connect against the more-stationary J'avo. (Zombies are harder to hit the way they sway.)

- Dogs move very quickly and you'll likely waste a lot of ammo just trying to hit them, so use Quick-Shots to basically guarantee hits.

- Whoppers... Aim for the legs. If they fall down to one knee, run up and melee them to do heavy damage. Otherwise, stay back and aim for the knees.

- Bloodshots... The EASIEST way to deal with them is to counter their lunge, which is instant kill. Otherwise, keep your distance and don't waste any bullets on them. (Fortunately, they are arguably the easiest enemy in the games to counter against.)
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