Survivors 360 DLC Rage.

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User Info: occman

4 years ago#1
I found this gem & wanted to Share for the Lulz...
Added the Post Below the Link for Lazy Surfers:

"Be the last one to survive this horrific mode!"

See, even Capcom acknowledges that Survivors is a horrible crap game mode. If you spent a portion of your life becoming 1337 PR0 at survivors: screw you. No seriously, screw you. I get in the game, I aim, and before I know it, you're running circles around me, quick-shotting me down the map, and then stepping on my face. Why don't you just poop on me while you're at it? You earned it. You worked your way up from scratch so one day you can pwn n00bs like me and pretty much everyone else who presses 'A' on "survivors". But if that wasn't enough, I'm going to rematch, because I think I got it now. NOPE. There's Piers again, flipping his rifle around in a campsite that noone can get to without getting shot in the face.

You're a disgrace to all of Resident Evil, and your life is probably terrible. Why don't you just go play Gears or CoD or something? RE's attempt at a shooter is like a methed up dog wearing a cone that runs around the house breaking everything because he can't lick his nards. No literally. Have you ever played survivors in any RE game? It looks exactly like that but with guns.

Anyway, can I kill 100 of you guys so I never have to play this broken trash game mode again? Just reply to this message with your GT if you want to get together sometime and shoot each other in the face 5 at a time.
The 1 Executioner 4 years ago#2
Who cares?! The kid wanted to vent and last time I checked GameFAQs' RE6 PS3 forum is filled with spams so what's another venting thread?
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User Info: Orochi_Lede

4 years ago#3
Anyone with basic sense knows survivors is crap, there is very little skilled involved. i even got used to it and can actually win most of the time, but it dosn't even feel good, because all it matters is who gets the rocket/grenade launcher 1st and very high chance the opposing team is dead. 95% of everyone picks piers or agent, it's pretty friggin sad.

Most of the games i joined always a full row or almost a full row of piers, with some agents and carlas, now carla isn't really a problem, she has a good load out not as over powerd as agent and piers, but with quick shot piers you better get the drop on him 1st. or it's lights out .

it's a fun mode to an extent, but not as good as RE5.

in the end it shows nothing of how good someone is, it just shows you know where the Op weapons are and hope you spawn near it or get to it 1st, or pick agent, 2 shot people and win. same with piers. they should have fixed this mode before releasing it.
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User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#4
I wish they put 10 enemies to make a game more harder. I hate those idiot picking up Grenade launcher & rocket launcher for the win. I use rocket launcher a few times but isn't fun. Using remote bomb is much fun though. XD
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User Info: gmoshier

4 years ago#5
I don't even want Survivors mode for free. Predator is fun but it gets boring fast. Onslaught is fun but it's dead. Agent Hunt is fun but the controls kind of suck. Mercenaries is still the best extra content mode imo. Siege will be a good extra content mode.
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User Info: Cartwheel_Kick

4 years ago#6
occman posted...

"Be the last one to survive this horrific mode!"

it's funny because a bunch of times in RE6 there are quotes that ironically seem to just be a realistic, 4th-wall-breaking negative comment about the game

Like every time Jake says something similar to "Oh, come on, this again?" annoyedly I felt exactly the same way

RE5's Chris telling Wesker that he's just a comic book villain was funny too, if a bit sad.
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User Info: Superman19

4 years ago#7
just watch out for midnightcat777 and chrisroberts_3 players

they seemed like they never ran out of stamina quick shotting and fired well over 10 mag bullets with agent and i saw one of them fire at least 3 rpg rockets in quick succession (NOT GRENADE LAUNCHER) down towards other unfournate players who were in the match with me (was free for all survivors). i think they are hacking or something but besides that they are really bad at the game.

User Info: BushidoEffect3

4 years ago#8
Orochi_Lede posted...
Anyone with basic sense knows survivors is crap,
ESRB got this right

User Info: PyroSpark

4 years ago#9
BushidoEffect3 posted...
Orochi_Lede posted...
Anyone with basic sense knows survivors is crap,

Survivors has become me and my friends favorite mode by a landslide, but yeah it seems like capcom went out of it's way to UNBALANCE it. >_>
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User Info: sbn4

4 years ago#10
Teammatch is incredibly unbalanced. Especially if the other team is filled with "friends" while you are going at it alone with randoms. This is especially true when they all memorize where the power weapons are and do nothing but play the same map all day.

Free for all is a bit better however.
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