Female players?

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User Info: tevin1569

4 years ago#31
MysticVolcano posted...
lol i love the ones tht ask "are you a girl?" if even your character is female. which is another way of sayin "I need to know if i can hit on you or not."

My goodness, they're vultures!
"How about you come down here and I'll show you"- Ada Wong to Derek Simmons (RE6)
"I came to win"-Fly

User Info: Decapre

4 years ago#32
These "try to get female ass" topics are just.... there's not a word for it anymore.
I've been told my love for Chun-Li is insanity and sinful, well God.... That's exactly what I wish for =)

User Info: gmoshier

4 years ago#33
Another one of these topics eh? I think I invaded TC's game today in Agent Hunt and killed him. LOL!
Must buy Tomb Raider, RE: Revelations, & The Last of Us!

User Info: Echidneys

4 years ago#34
KonaseRitsuko posted...
There are. And they are n00bs!

Hahaha!! My sides are crawling away..
"It sucks, and you're all stupid for liking it."
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