Why Did The Game Garnish So Much Hate?

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User Info: XxAxem_BlackxX

4 years ago#31
So if I wanna be accepting of change I have to put up RE going from a great horror game to a Hollywood movie style action shooter? Forget that.

User Info: xChernobogx

4 years ago#32
XxAxem_BlackxX posted...
So if I wanna be accepting of change I have to put up RE going from a great horror game to a Hollywood movie style action shooter? Forget that.

It was never great at horror department to begin with.
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User Info: cobra187

4 years ago#33
edward18 posted...
oh, my apologies: http://warahi.deviantart.com/art/Why-Don-t-You-Like-Resident-Evil-4-357678234

first time im seeing this. made me laugh. total win

User Info: edward18

4 years ago#34
*bows* here to entertain ^_^
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User Info: zfair89

4 years ago#35
Because it's not very good. 'Change' has nothing to do with it. I don't know why people harp on that single point when the most revered title in the series is the one that introduced such massive changes to its gameplay formula.

User Info: paranoidxe

4 years ago#36
My biggest complaints are:
- Lack of weapon upgrade system
- The story wasn't that engrossing, The strange and bizarre aspect of the story is what makes the series interesting.. RE6 has a B movie plot.

What I love:
- Lots of replay value if you are a perfectionist. For example, get all web medals, get all medals, S ranking on all difficulties on campaign.
- Plenty of extras, various multiplayer modes.
- Plenty of levels for mercenaries
- Lots of action
- Intersecting storyline is a interesting concept even if the storyline itself was nothing special.
- The controls I feel is a improvement over the old RE games.

I can see why the game gets flack, many think of RE as survival horror and in that aspect this game doesn't do that great. Judging it as a stand alone action game, however, I think its a very fun game..

User Info: Starsoul_klr

4 years ago#37
This game either gets love or hate in the majority of the reviews and there isn't that many middle grounds. One reason is that it's just a famous franchise and since it stumbles in a few areas in this game people are jumping all over it to kick it while it's down. People also assume that because the price as dropped so fast it's a failure of a game and the only real failure of this is because they made way too many copies of the game assuming that it would all sell.

Myself I let the game-style grow on me and gave it a chance. Some complain about how this game doesn't play like so and so instead of trying to play it as Resident Evil 6 and when you watch some of the good players online at Youtube and such the controls don't suck as bad as one assumes.

One of the problems is that it does try to appeal to everyone so it's not perfect horror, perfect action or perfect shooting. Another is that they need to stop relying on the documents to tell the story because you can't read them in-game. If they really need to have documents again they need to have a voiced over narration while you play. There's too much back story of the new characters in them that would help you like or hate that character more.

It's not perfect but it's far from the disaster some paint it as.
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User Info: Goldsickle

4 years ago#38
"So much hate"?

Stop being influenced by the loud minorities, dear.
There is no such thing as a "Quick Time Event done right".
A game that has Quick Time Events is a "video game done wrong".

User Info: Lordrv

4 years ago#39
IMO the agents of zionist controlled Western gaming companies are out to gain supreme control of gaming, the last form of entertainment media they don't 100% completely dominate. That's what Microsoft's xbox was all about from the beginning. They want kids playing medal of modern warfare and yearning to fight terrorism, so they will volunteer to fight Israel's wars. RE was getting pretty popular, but killing BOW's just doesn't match the international jewry's agenda. They want our kids enlisting to bleed for the creation of Greater Israel, the future chosen subjugation of the goyim. They knew something had to be done, so they flexed their western gaming press muscle to generate haters.

User Info: Lordrv

4 years ago#40

- The controls. Resident Evil 4 and 5 controls still felt quite a bit restricted. Not so much in this.

No. The controls are excellent. Improved over RE5 as there is no longer rmc survival horror movement.

- The campaigns can feel like a mess. Instead of focusing on one gameplay style and point of view, it is all over the place. The plot suffers because of this.

So far not true as of ch. 4 in Leon's campaign.

- Cross over battles artificially extends the campaigns. I did not think it was a big deal until they made Ada's final boss battle a cross over battle.

Possibly true but what other game has 4 campaigns?

- Little to no horror. The J'avo and their mutations are a joke. The zombies and the regenerador knock offs aren't much better. Too many guns and humans, not enough strange and terrifying or nostalgic mutations.

It's an action shooter, not survival horror. Get over it.

- QTE's and vehicle sections.

These sections were basically just interactive cutscenes, and as such to really impede my enjoyment of the game. Wow, I failed the QTE on the airplane once and I had to redo it! LOL DIS GAME'S A 3/10! BUY COD AND FIGHT THE TERRORISTS! GROW UP AND FIGHT THE TERRORISTS SO ISRAEL CAN ESTABLISH GREATER ISRAEL! Do it for Kotickstein, and the other le happy merchant's administrating "Western" gaming companies.
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