Why Did The Game Garnish So Much Hate?

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User Info: FireMadePrime

4 years ago#61
My brother dont play for the story only for gameplay. He prefers RE5 over RE6 cause of lack of weapons in this game. In RE5 Chris had almost 20 types of weapons he could choose from. In this game Chris has only 6 weapons I believe. So is like a downgrade. Also, my brother did not like the skill thing, for him, he prefers to buy stuff like in RE5.

I play for the story, my reason for not like this game is the lack of Jill and Claire. To me they brought Leon and Ada back again to soon. They were just in RE Damnation. It was Jill and Claire's time to show up. RE5 ending really got me wondering what happened to Jill, as well as RE Degeneration got me thinking what Claire is up to.

Also, the only good campaign in this game is Chris. I hated Leon, Jake and Ada.
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User Info: zfair89

4 years ago#62
Goldsickle posted...
XxAxem_BlackxX posted...
Which game made the better profit though? That's really the bottom line and we probably won't ever know which one did.

Profit is one thing but the fanbase for the newer RE is a lot bigger than the old prerendered backgrounds + tank controls crap of the past.

Whatever decision they make, it would be to mostly conform to the fanbase for the recent builds.

Conforming to the old fanbase by making an RE with pre-rendered backdrops and tank controls would be anachronistic. It's possible to be faithful to the spirit of those older games without making it a clunker. There are other ways of enfeebling the player, doesn't have to take crap controls. Though on that last point I'm finding RE6 a much more unpleasant game to control than any recent RE.

Anyway, I don't think that RE6's problem is lack of horror, or that it 'changed everything'. It's just rubbish.
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