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User Info: Maehara Shinobu

Maehara Shinobu
4 years ago#1
Maybe Spoilers)


As Leon / Helena, I have no problem beating Chris / Piers to the elevator.

However, I can NEVER unlock the door faster than Chis / Piers in the mines room. I am playing on No Hope difficulty.

What's the deal? How come Chris / Piers always unlocks room 00 faster than me? I am trying to keep those damn mines off form Henea, but on No Hope diff, it takes more than 1 shot to trigger the mines. I try to run around to activiate the mines manually, but sometimes, there are too many mines in the room and I can't trigger the mine faster enough. (and Henea gets bombed =(

So, how I make Helena unlock the door faster than Piers?
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User Info: Turducken

4 years ago#2
You can't. So it's nothing you're doing having "no problem". The game's story makes it so it happens in the same order every time.

User Info: Delta0126

4 years ago#3
For future reference there is a spoiler tag.

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User Info: albelnox112

4 years ago#4
i think it has something to do with the Rooms Layout.. for example Chris side is way more Easier to Dodge/shoot the mini robots While Leons side is LOT Harder and the 3 Box treasures are badly placed compared to chrisses 3 Boxes..

but it is possible to beat em with 50% chance

while on playing against Human playing Chris/Piers.. i tend to loose evry time..
mayby i get bad luck against my opponents.. OR i get Pressured when im against em and loose couse of panicin or something

good tip for Chrisses side = have the other guy stand on The Consoles left side in the Corner and just shoot those robot.. 3 boxes most likely bounces 40-70% robots back to leon side..

while on leons side.. i have never really found good tacktical position..

User Info: Keir21

4 years ago#5
Don't shoot them. Just run over them to set them off and make sure you do it before they get close to piers.

User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#6
If you are challenging AI Chris & Piers, this is my tip.

Skip some talk by pressing pause to reduce the time talking. Instead of using shotgun, I suggest you to use pistol and shoot the prototype to push the prototype away. ... My Hanazawa Kana \(@w@)/
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User Info: AlbertWesker999

4 years ago#7
Another reason is that Chris and Piers just crowbar the circuit board open. Leon and Helena have to talk to Hunnigan and use the computer. So C&P get like a 10 second head start and on No Hope they are not going to mess up at all.
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User Info: Archiantagonist

4 years ago#8
The point there is to NOT destroy these things, but rather send them back with weak weapons.
Cos' it's basically an ol' classic tennis game.
So the more of the mines you'll send on other team's side
the more you'll interrupt their actions, thus raising YOUR chances.

User Info: Devilmaycry245

4 years ago#9
I did this chapter on no hope yesterday. I don't mean to brag or anything but I didn't have any problems with the mines. I played as Helena and only used the picador and assault rifle RN and shot at each one to send them at Chris and Piers. Leon got hit once but we still made it out first.
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