how do you counter jump diving zombies and dogs?

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  3. how do you counter jump diving zombies and dogs?

User Info: YermomHoudini

4 years ago#1
aim counter doesn't work against them. zombies can take a long time to jump before it hit you which is longer than unaiming animation, while the dog diving are instantaneous so that by the time you let go aiming the dog already got you.

dog dive are also very random, sometimes they will dive at you without the 3 barks if they had missed their 1st dive.
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User Info: AlbertWesker999

4 years ago#2
You can also try to use the Praise or Thank counter. Use either and mash R1. Same concept as the aim counter. If that doesn't work then you will have to learn the timing on the attacks.

As for lunging zombies, if you are too close you won't get the counter command. Dogs are quite random and I have yet to be able to counter them consistently. They generally end up wasting my time so I just kill them if they don't jump at me in a quick enough.

I believe that there can only be so many enemies performing an attack on you at once so that may have something to do with the randomness of the dogs.
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User Info: DanielSpace79

4 years ago#3
For diving zombies, you have to think of them as the opposite from bloodshots- you can counter them in mid air- with divers, you need to counter them when they leave the floor. One of the best ways to do it is to get close to them- most zombies in later stages are divers and they always give a very obvious telling sound, and take a second to load up their attack, giving you a little time to come closer to them and time the attack.

Dogs are more complicated- the aim trick works on them and for 'training wheels'- go for the dogs that are beeling towards you. They are similair to leaping zombiies in that you need to hit the counter once they come from the ground, but unlike leaping zombies the dog attack range is really quite small.

Once you get familiar with that, you can move on to the barking counter. If a dog is right next to you and IS LOOKING at you, and then barks three times, he will immediately jump attack you. It becomes second nature to do 'pause...bark! barkbark!...*counter*

The last leg to countering dogs is more intuitive then anything else- after you've been countering dogs for a while, their attack pattterns become really familiar. Similair to the bark, if a dog stands stock still for a moment, or shakes his fur, he may be about to attack and you can do the counter.

Even after months of countering dogs, they are still a crap shoot. A dog pack can be deadly in being devious. Quite often a dog will charge up to you, and then veer to the left or right, having you start a pointless melee attack while another jumps you from the side. Or as you are about to counter one, another dog comes right in front and changes the counter to a melee, and you get jumped. Or the zigzag around you, getting you dizzy, while one comes from the side and leaps on you.
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User Info: Semioteque

4 years ago#4
Everybody hates dogs. Everyone will always hate them. There, that's out of the way. What Daniel said is right. Dogs and jumping zombies are similar, they are NOTHING like Bloodshots. They don't have an active counter during their attack, you must counter when they are leaving the ground.

I used to hate jumping zombies a lot until I did that team event where you had to get knife kills? I was killing so many zombies I just started getting used to automatically countering jumping zombies so they wouldn't slow me down. Not many countering "tricks" work on dogs or jumpers, you have to just get used to the timing.

I find, for me, that countering jumpers is easier when you are actively moving to them to counter them, you can actually be a pretty large distance away (by large I mean 10m max) and the counter will still hit. So if you see a jumper move toward it and get ready to counter. Jumpers are the best because they are so good for getting multi-kills. You have to know when they are going to spawn; learn when they spawn on the stage you are playing and don't get caught off guard.

With dogs, if you really want to counter them you're going to have to just be brave and face them dead center. If you are not dead center they are more likely to jump sideways or run to line themselves back up. OR they are lined up dead center to you, but you are not lined up directly with them and they will jump from the side which is basically a guaranteed knock down. A dog counter is basically one of the only "instant" counters in the game, you have to get them as soon as they come up from the ground or it's not going to work.
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User Info: Aquamarin

4 years ago#5
Countering divers is something you'll have to learn the timing for the hard way. Once you got that down, you'll see it's a very consistent attack in terms of timing and spacing and you'll rarely fail again. Zombies can slap or grab you very slowly or very fast. Bloodshots can jump with or without wind-up or bounce off objects, altering timing a few milliseconds. Dogs, don't get me started.
To practice, it's easiest to find a lone enemy. In UC mercenaries, the first consistent diver appears at 20-21 and spawns from under the bus. If that takes too long, try Leon-1. If you remember it (a bit after the start of 1-2) where you encounter a diver for the first time when you open a door, that's about the closest distance you can stand to counter safely. You could learn about timing here without worrying about distance.
A bit after you enter the sewers (1-3) you'll encounter the 2nd consistent diver. Though it's kinda dark, you can practice the distance here. He starts jumping at a fairly big distance so you'll have to move in. The furthest distance would be 2-3 meters further away from the closest distance I'd say. Move in and keep moving in, you can counter while moving.
Keep in mind that you can't kill some types of divers by just countering. If you counter a fireman, he'll survive, land at your feet and grab you while lying down if you don't move immediately.

Dogs were covered pretty extensively by DanielSpace79 (I've never heard of the word beeling but I assume it's beelining). There aren't many good places to find a dog for a 1 on 1 without interference. In Leon 1-3 after the 2nd subway train, there should be a safe spot not far away from a checkpoint when you hear a woman scream. There are 3 there but you should be able to lure only the first one towards you.
I disagree in that it's an 'instant' thing though. If you counter them early, you'll hit them when they have barely left the ground. If you counter them late, you'll hit them when they're in mid air. There is a proper window but it's just very short. Lately, I've been trying counter those that are running in a straight line towards you by running towards them and counter them like a diver but it shortens the window so it's very inconsistent.

User Info: Unfoolish

4 years ago#6
I use Sherry's Stun Rod or Chris/Jake/Agent knife for 5 seconds. Better than no time earned from Quickshot.

Or kick them a couple times for 5 seconds earned. Dogs are a huge pain to counter.

Like I asked about counter pukers, wish the QTE was not like milisecond response needed. Lepotista *frowns*

If only I could counter dogs... 10 seconds earned per dog counter lol. Online makes it worst!

User Info: Narugarex13

4 years ago#7
diving zombies = right at the moment their feet is off the ground.
dogs + lag = yolo.

User Info: tazman20

4 years ago#8
When a zombie is getting ready to dive at you, pay close attention to its movements. The counter-attack icon would usually appear after the zombie takes two running steps towards you after growling. I found the timing a little more difficult if you are just outside its leaping range.

The dogs I can't seem to figure out the timing so I would just do a rolling dodge to avoid their leap of death.

User Info: DigimonTrainer

4 years ago#9
I've been having the exact same problem with dogs and diving zombies, so this thread is helping me out a lot too. I couldn't figure out if the Counter prompt came on right after the zombies left the ground, or right before the reached you.

What about Bloodshots? Does the Counter prompt appear for them the same way it does for a diving zombie?
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User Info: DanielSpace79

4 years ago#10
DigimonTrainer posted...
I've been having the exact same problem with dogs and diving zombies, so this thread is helping me out a lot too. I couldn't figure out if the Counter prompt came on right after the zombies left the ground, or right before the reached you.

What about Bloodshots? Does the Counter prompt appear for them the same way it does for a diving zombie?

A little differently- to Unfoolish, learn how to counter dogs, it's worth it as they work like jumping zombies and you can get huge points by standing next to other zombies as they are about to attack and get easy +20/+30 seconds. I love taking the Limit Breaker route in Mining the depths because 16-30 is a flurry of 20/30 second oppertunitnities if you get the whole pack in that small area before the bridge.

Another trick I use is to kick a barking dog- they spring right after they recover.

So bark!bark!- kick- pause. *counter*

To Digimon- for bloodshots, it's the exact opposite of leapers and dogs as you get the counter prompt as they leap at you- You can either do it as they are about to land on you, or if you are close, as soon as they spring off the ground.
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  3. how do you counter jump diving zombies and dogs?

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