Which RE6 characters do you want to see in RE7?

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  3. Which RE6 characters do you want to see in RE7?

User Info: skermac

4 years ago#1
For me it's just Sherry, Ada, Jake, and Leon. Chris to if they can work him in somehow.

User Info: Archiantagonist

4 years ago#2
skermac posted...
Chris to if they can work him in somehow.

They managed to "work him in" into this game, didn't they?
Besides, so many good soldiers are still waiting for their chance to fall under his command))

I'd say that i'd like to see Leon, but that just won't happen.
So I wouldn't mind to have Claire around + may be "remastered" Carlos

User Info: veralece

4 years ago#3
I wanna see a Sheva/Jill coop campaign.

User Info: ZGMF_600_Guaiz

4 years ago#4
From RE6:

-The Agent

From other RE games:


User Info: Turducken

4 years ago#5
Helena maybe? Chris and Leon have earned a break. Sherry probably doesn't need to be in the very next game. Jake and RE6-Ada can walk off a bridge.

User Info: juggernaut1001

4 years ago#6
A reunion of RE2, Leon, Ada, Claire, Sherry.

User Info: Syn_Vengeance

4 years ago#7
chris and jill

User Info: tevin1569

4 years ago#8
I kind of want to see a Chick Protagonist game.
I was thinking Helena Harper for the main campaign and Rebecca Chambers as an unlockable campaign.

Helena is sent in to retrieve a teenage boy in an underground lab. It was said to be safe with no hostiles. When she gets locked down there she soon learns there is more to it. She learns of Alex Wesker, & the main scientist becoming crazy and his son is the one you need to retrieve. A lot of tricks and turns along the way.

There would be two different parts of this underground lab, the abandoned part and the main part(Helena would be in the main part).

Rebecca got kidnapped and is being made to work on BOWS(Over the years she followed her dream of being a doctor). After the whole lab goes down, she wakes up trying to escape. Helping other survivors along the way in the abandoned part of the lab. Helping Helena when she can.

It would play more like Revelations(Classic feel) but still with a bit of action and RE6's controls....

Yeah, that is what I've been coming up with :P.
"How about you come down here and I'll show you"- Ada Wong to Derek Simmons (RE6)
"I came to win"-Fly

User Info: cyan1001

4 years ago#9

User Info: EminentFate

4 years ago#10
Claire, Jill, Barry and Billy Coen.
Every time you make a Gabe Newell fat joke, he delays Half Life 2: Episode 3 an extra month.
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