list of bosses you can't damage?

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  3. list of bosses you can't damage?

User Info: lonelyhamster

4 years ago#1
Can I get one so I don't waste magnum bullets?

User Info: SupaCaleb0

4 years ago#2
I know the leon minecart boss is scripted for sure. - A descriptive definition to the overused word "Angst".

User Info: Delta0126

4 years ago#3
Deborah on the mine cart. You can shoot off the glowing points, but it really comes down to when the mine cart reaches the point where you have to shoot the explosive barrel and the second point where she comes back that lasts only for a few seconds.

The part where Sherry is alone with Ubistvo on the raft/boat and Ada eventually saves her.

Ada facing off against Ubistvo on the bus.

When you have to electrocute Yawn 2.0 (Iluzija), though I feel that's more of a given if anything as the game literally tells you you're supposed to electrocute it.

Technically, Fly Simmons falls under that kind of thing too as you can't beat him by just continually shooting him when he's on the rooftop, but like lluzija the game more or less tells you what you're supposed to do.

Same with final phase Haos, I suppose.

I guess the Tank as well, but the game again points out you're supposed to run from it, but I can see that some people wouldn't have any idea what do when they get outside where you have to use it to move the statue so Jake can use the bar to get to the room with the sport bike.

And there's that point where Leon goes to Ada when she's unconscious, though it's pretty obvious it's a real time cut scene. Simmons doesn't really try to attack you and it always ends up with him shooting bone bullets at Leon.

Other than those specific points in time all the bosses need to be damaged, however there are points where I don't think you really 'damage' them.

For example, when Leon has to fend off fly Simmons while Helena turns the power back on, I believe this is more or less a real time quick time event where if you don't continue to shoot at Simmons and stun him he'll destroy the platform Leon is on...or that's what I'm assuming anyway as I've always kept stunning him and he keeps firing projectiles at Leon if you don't continually stun him as well.

Another example is when Ada has to cover Leon and Helena when they're climbing by shooting at Simmons so he keeps falling back.

Again, I'm not totally sure, but I really do think you don't damage them at that point in time where basically what I'm saying is that:

Simmons has 1000 health and when you get him down to 600 he goes to the phase where Ada has to cover Leon and Helena in which Simmons health bar is removed and becomes invulnerable, but can be stunned easily and after Leon and Helena get's to the top as well as the real time cut scene of Simmons doing his crazy speech and Leon trying to awake Ada, he regains his 600 health bar.

The '1000 health' is just an example, I really don't know how much health he has.
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User Info: lonelyhamster

4 years ago#4
Huge thanks Delta!

User Info: Archiantagonist

4 years ago#5
In addition to what Delta said

The whole fight with the first Ogroman(Chris chapter 2)
When he's approaching you while you're in front of the cabin with Assault Riffle, he's totally invulnerable
Seconds later (after he destroys the bridge) it's either matter of time
(wait till Finn will arrive and force Ogroman to escape)
or shoot the weakspot and execute QTE(fight ends much faster this way)


Iluzija, won't take any damage at all, until only three of you(Chris/Piers/Marco)
will enter the room with "hooked porkys"...thus it's pointless to shoot the snake
when it attacks those B***S***Army Analog troops

Furthermore, not exactly bosses you can't damage,
but rather those you can beat with very limited ammunition

The first DebOra fight - damage her when she reveals her..."stings" for the first time
to initiate small scene(easy to do with couple of sniper shots).

After that, just wait for her to jump on the circular ledge, position yourself in the center
and aim at her... but don't shoot, just wait...she'll yell at you and will try to leap on you from above
When she'll be almost down at you, counter possibility will occur, hit the melee attack button
to instantly set her for the QTE(or whatever). Works like a charm on any difficulty
so I'd say if you're able to counter those Bloodshot guys, you should be able to counter her as well.


Battle with Ustanak at plane crash site(Leon's and Sherry's campaign)
Just push the barrels with explosives from the top of containers
You need to lower the 2 forklifts to get all 8(or as it 9) barrels,
then shoot them with the weakest weapon you got, when Ustanak is near them

I believe only when you play No Hope it'll be not enough to finish him off,
but there's one container on the wheels behind the second forklift.
You can push him with 4 chars(Leon/Helena/Sherry/Jake) to get access
to the case hidden on top of another container. Inside 4 remote bombs and spray(always)
so defly should help you to save your Magnum ammo
(especially since chars from both campaigns will have their Magnums by now)

hope it'll be at least a bit of help...

User Info: lonelyhamster

4 years ago#6
Thanks too Archiantagonist!
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